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As we get older, as much as we don't want to admit it, we all start to struggle a little. Maybe your having a harder time Getting in th mood. Maybe your Suffering from Low T. Maybe your Struggling to get it up and keep it up .. maybe your just not performing the same and the wife isnt happy. We have just what you need!!

Cialix (Tadafil) - 20mg/tab, 50 pills/bag - Euro-Pharmacies
Active time: aprox.20 hour half life
Class phosphodiesterase inhibitor

The treatment of ED is the drug’s primary purpose with the treatment of BPH being a secondary benefit discovered years after the drug was released. Cialis/Tadalafil carries an active half-life of approximately 18-20 hours
Tadalafil has the slowest absorption of the available PDE5 inhibitors with a mean of 2 hours to reach its maximum concentration, compared with about 50 minutes for sildenafil and vardenafil (Briganti et al 2005). The onset of action of tadalafil may occur in as early as 15 minutes of dosing, although successful erections occur in fewer than 40% of men at this time point .
Differences in gastrointestinal absorption with fatty meals explain the varying peak plasma concentration (Tmax) among the three PDE5 inhibitors.
. Its most unique characteristic is its long half-life of 17.5 hours, which lends itself to a longer therapeutic window with on-demand dosing and effective steady-state plasma concentrations

Dosing and absorption
Recommended starting doses of tadalafil are 10 mg for on-demand dosing and 2.5 mg for once-daily dosing, and these doses can then be titrated up or down according to the efficacy and tolerability (ICOS 2008). It is absorbed as a low-solubility and high-permeability, or Class 2, drug within the FDA Biopharmaceuticals Classification System (Gupta et al 2005). With oral ingestion, after first-pass metabolism, tadalafil is approximately 80% bioavailable, compared to 40% and 15% with sildenafil and vardenafil, respectively

If your someone who needs a little extra help , something to make you rock hard and perform like a rock star ,keep your partner aching for more. Look no further. PSL has just what you need. We offer the Highest quality products at very reasonable prices. Dont take my word for it. Give us a try. Your wife will be glad you did. We also carry Viagra

Viagrax (Sildenafil) - 100mg/tab, 50 pills/bag - Euro-Pharmacies

Chemical Name:Sildenafil citrate
Comes In:100mg tab
Active time: 3-4 hours
Class Phosphodiesterase type5 (PDE5) inhibitor
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