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Approved Log My Testosterone Cypionate, Winstrol Cycle

when does Ramadan end?
Do you plan on starting the cycle right after it finishes or waiting
I will be starting my cycle AFTER Ramadan is over. I am starting April 11th. I’ve made my decision and after doing research and asking others who have knowledge about anabolics this is how I will run my cycle:

12 week cycle:
-7 caps n2guard ED
-20 mg Tamoxifen/week

Weeks 1-6:

200mg Tren Ace /week
300mg Test Cyp/week

Weeks 7-12:

250mg (maybe 300mg) Tren Ace/week
500mg Test Cyp/week
50mg Anavar or Winstrol (most likely anavar)
12 weeks of Tren a horrible idea bro
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