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Least Suppressive Cycle?

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I’m a 16 years old male who started weightlifting about 4 months ago. I’ve been bulking since I started and have seen some pretty decent strength gains since being a skinny mf. I already know that I haven’t even come close to my genetic potential and am probably too young for gear.

A huge goal for me is to reach a physique I can be proud of by the end of school/start of summer, which is 100 days from now. I was wondering if there was a one time cycle I could do with maybe anavar or primobolan to help me burn some of the fat from the bulk and get some size. I don’t want to be on gear for a long period of time and atrophy my balls, I just want something with the least testosterone suppression. Thanks.
noone is going to advise a teenager to use steroids, sarms or any other ped... please go enjoy high school like you should be doing... noone here would ever advise such a thing...
I'm sorry you need to be over 18 to access you are now banned.
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