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Elite is here to provide guidance in terms of diet exercise and supplementation. It is not here to provide source info. It is against the TOS to ask for sources in open forum or in PM the same goes for asking about UG labs. Consider this a warning as it is a ban able offence to ask for sources.
EF is not a source board. We don't discuss any aspect of buying and selling. This includes source names, UG labs, UG brand names, UG quality checks, prices, payment methods, shipping, receiving, Customs, etc.

EF staff do not do source checks, and we don’t get involved in scammer issues. These are just other aspects of buying and selling and are no concern of ours.

The PM system is not for soliciting sources or customers or doing source checks between members. Anyone so doing will be banned. Anyone "doing business" with a member banned for using the PM system in this way will be banned as well. If you receive a PM soliciting sources or offering to sell you something, or asking for a source check, please forward it to a mod.

We don’t discuss the use of recreational drugs (meth, coke, X, GHB, K, etc). There's no place for that on a Fitness and Bodybuilding Board.

We do not condone advising people under the age of 21 to use AAS.

We treat each and every member with respect on this forum. If you turn out to be more trouble then you are worth. Always fighting, name calling , and acting like a child. We will show you the door.

When a mod says do it. Just do it. End of discussion. We will not tolerate people giving the staff a hard time about doing their jobs. No matter how you feel about it or how right you think you are.

If you feel a mod is abusing their job, treating you unfair, or doing something wrong. You need to talk to a an Admin or Elite Executive Mod.

If you're under 21, don’t ask. If asked by an under-21 member, don't tell.
Saying "I know you're going to do it anyway even though it's a mistake" is not "providing guidance" -- it is a cop-out.

No talk about DNP.
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