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How much does tanning cost for a typical steroid user?


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Hello, I notice every guy on steroids is tanning a couple of times per week. Some guys talk about the benefits of lowering back acne and to look more tones

I never really tan outside of the occasional beach trip or pool outing. Does anyone really go tanning a lot? Like a couple of times per week?

How expensive is it to tan weekly in a UV light bed and how long does it last compared to the real sun?

Here in the north east summer is over and I'm really going to miss my darker look for definition, I'm thinking I might start bed tanning if you guys are doing it too.

I live in Canada where it's winter half of the year. You can get unlimited tanning at most gyms or tanning salons for around $20/month. It isn't overly expensive. Try to find a stand up bed. It's much better then a lay down bed. The problem with lay down beds is that they cause tan lines because you aren't able to move around when getting the tan. Stand up beds are much better all around.

In the winter, I go stand up tanning for 5-6 minutes 2 times a week. It leaves me with a 'summer' looking tan. Not overly tanned but not pale. If you want to be really tanned, go for 5-6 minutes 3-4 times a week.

The unlimited monthly rate is the best deal. That's what I would get.
I don't really care to be tan over the winter time so I only use it if I have acne. I am not prone to this so it is really only here and there. I go and get a couple weeks worth of tanning if I need it.
Highly depends on where you live. Western europe can be costly when it comes to tanning, while eastern europe will cost you cents. Not so sure about US though
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