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hCG and hMG


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What is the difference? hCG vs. hMG?

hCG is extracted and purified from the urine of pregnant woman because it is primarily secreted by the placenta. hMG on the other hand is extracted and purified form woman that have reached postmenopausal.

hCG will primarily act on the Luteinizing/Choriongonadotropin hormone receptors (LHCGR), that means that any injected hCG will compete with the LHCGR. Meanwhile hMG acts on both the Luteinizing/Choriongonadotropin hormone receptors and the Follicle Stimulating Hormone Receptor sites.

Just like hCG the competition between the exogenous and the natural LH and FSH will come in to play. Keep in mind however, that as we run our cycle and testosterone levels climb, the body will began to decrease its natural production of LH and FSH.

A lot of guys always want to run hCG for a post cycle, I believe that I because the have heard that hCG will stimulate the testes to begin production again. This is true but to what end. Why do we run testosterone during a cycle?

To keep our test levels up due to the decrease that takes place when we run other steroids. This same concept should be used when it comes to hCG and hMG. They should be used during but towards the end the cycle to help maintain the LH and FSH levels. As the level of androgens in our body increases, the body tells the pituitary to quit making the gonadotropins, LH and FSH. If we give them a boost while we are on cycle then I believe that recovery will take less time.

Consider this. If you run hCG and/or hMG as a post cycle, your body will think that you have enough LH and FSH and will not began producing them. In contrast, if your levels are elevated or in a normal range when your cycle ends, your body will notice a decrease, and the pituitary should began producing them again.

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