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First Time User Dbol Test E HGh Nolva Caroline Johnny

Carolina Johnny

New member
Want this cycle adjusted for best for a overweight beginner with low muscle mass to the maximum extent of building muscle and safety give me an extremely experienced User
I will be taking 5% Nutrition organ defender
What is slightly overweight? Age and height? You think you are slightly overweight now ? You will blow up like a parade float with all the watery compounds you have in that cart.. you need to ditch that entire cycle and start over because this will be a train wreck if you run all these together... furthermore you are overweight and want to run compounds that have a higher estrogen conversion factor, that is not good if you are overweight.

Why would you run nova while on cycle? And why only dbol for 4 weeks and why injectable dbol?

I honestly wouldn't run anything other then testosterone and AI, this is going to be a complicated mess for you and just not worth it, a beginner should not have more then test and possibly one other compound. Do yourself a favor and don't run this or buy this.
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