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Thank you so much for your kind comments, it really means a lot to me. I have fought so hard to get to this, if only some supplement company will also sit up and take notice, hehe!

I finally got my grubby little paws on a copy of the mag today. Funny thing, my kids were totally unimpressed with the pic of themselves in print! I guess it just goes to serve as a reality check on what is really important in life.

All the board members have been so kind in their support. I thank you all most sincerely! Beleive it or not, without this board and all that I have learned and all the knowledgeable people I have met NONE of this would have been possible!


View[/img] knows no pain.
Well deserved Darl'in. You are a true inspiration to both men, and women alike.

It's all good Sugar....

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