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    Winny, first timer need advice!

    Hey I'm going to be back in school september and I'm planning on getting a gym membership. I'll be getting winny 25mg tabs and I have a few questions. Is there anything else recommended to stack with winny or should I stick with just the Winny, I should also mention I'm a virgin to steroids. My...
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    PCT and Cycle advise!!

    Hi Guys. Need some advise on a cycle I am planning to do in about two months time. Previous Cycle History: Two 8 week Deca and Sus 250 cycles with NO PCT (Yeah I know). Great gains. Only kept about 40% of the gains though all together (20% per cycle). I had a very bad post cycle...
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    winny/test e question

    im just wondering if anyone has access to the research of bridging winny into pct at the end of a longer estered test cycle such as test e EX. weeks 1-12 test e weeks 10-14 winny week 14 begin pct i see a lot of people using this but cant find any research behind it so if anyone has any...
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    Hello guys I´ve been following this forum since a while but this is my first time posting, the thing is I am starting a cycle on march and I havent tried some substances that I´ll be using this time, I am 23 years old and I´ve done 2 cycles before the first was a EQ+sust cycle and the other was...
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    Test E+ Winstrol cycle help!

    Ok let me start off by telling everyone my stats: Age 24 weight 175-180 height 5-10 bf% 6-7 occupation: Navy Seal So I have been researching for years and i think now is the time would like to finally start my first cycle. So what i was planning on doing was a winstrol only cycle. My buddy...
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    Sustanon 250/Winistrol FIRST cycle

    Hi guys I'm 24 about 200lbs around 18-20% bodyfat and been working out for 5 years on/off...but mostly pretty hard for last year - 5 days/week. I have been doing some reading for little while now on this substance and comparing information. I am considering my FIRST cycle - 10 week with Sustanon...
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