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    domestic supply is very reliable and great products

    they are spot on excellent. I never have to worry about getting my stuff on time or anything else. I love their products. no problems with my order. communication is smooth ordered on the weekend . package arrived in 5 days. i ordered tbol, superdrol, test. nice results, gained 8 pounds.
  2. JimAbs43 Hardcore 17 - Tbol and Dbol Stacked Hardcore 17 - Tbol and Dbol Stacked
  3. JimAbs43 Hardcore 16 - Tbol and Anavar Stacked Hardcore 16 - Tbol and Anavar Stacked
  4. JimAbs43 Hardcore 14 - Anavar and Tbol Stacked Hardcore 14 - Anavar and Tbol Stacked
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    PSL review, very pleased

    wanted to try tren for the first time, naturally i chose these guys cause i trusted their high quality products never had a doubt they communicated the whole way clean packaging, 5 stars Ordered tbol, test E, tren ace results and effectiveness was up 7.5 pounds
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    PSL is quick turnaround

    This is my first order I've ever did online. Communication was great and they were cool about everything. these guys are very professional. they picked up money fast. communication is good and it's easy to order right on their site. got my products delivered in 14 days. i have ordered tbol and...
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    domestic supply has good products for sure

    best gear i have ever used, i am having a lot of fun on this stack and getting a lot leaner and losing fat. discreet packaging and 2 week shipment. communication is good 24 hour response time. packaging was excellent and on point, no problems. i ordered primo, npp, tbol, viagra. got great...
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    napsgear is a recommended source

    I would recommend these guys to anybody, delivery was fast after they received my payment. Products are legit. all of us are using them now. top-notch communication and emails responded very fast. packaging was good. i ordered EQ, tbol, test, nolva and i am 8 weeks in and 2 thumbs up.
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    PSL is very professional company

    these guys are the real pros when it comes to ordering steroids, this is my third order and always great Communication & Ordering process was fantastic. they always respond within minutes Delivery & Packaging was fast to arrive at my house Products Ordered were test 400, test cyp...
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    planning out the cycle

    do you recommend I plan out my next cycle and write down and track when I am using my products? I am gonna be using tbol turinabol and anavar oxandrolone. My plan is 5mg of each and I am gonna do one in the morning and one at night the thing I am doing though which is weird is I will be...
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    first cycle help needed

    3 months from nowI want to run a steroid cycle gonna do test andtbol together 400mgtestosterone 30mgs tbol I’m 25 years old 5’10’’ 220 pounds do you runbloodwork before or during your first cycle to get an idea how things aregoing?
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    Geneza Pharma tbol or anavar?

    Which would you choose if you were to pick 1 oral to run from the geneza pharma brand? They both look super juicy but the anavar oxandrolone is so much more expensive than Tbol turinabol. It really is a hard decision cause i wonder if the gains are that much different and why var is so pricey
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    Using Tbol during recomp

    Hey I am 43 years old my full stats are 1.7 m tall and I weigh 177 lb with approximately 14% body fat. I was thinking my next cycle should be a recomp cycle I want to get my body fat down a few percent while also gaining some lean muscle mass. My plan is Turinabol/Tbol at around 30 mg a day...
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    tbol or anavar?

    Hey I have ran 3 sarms cycles already. LGD anabolicum, cardarine GW and 1 other one I cannot remember. I am going to up my game to turinabol or anavar oxandrolone. I’m F, 41 yrs old. 150 pounds. Need help deciding which one is a good first cycle for females and how much to dose of each...
  15. George Spellwin Podcast #367-HGH Alone,Tbol Headache,Firsty cycle,Cruising with test Podcast #367-HGH Alone,Tbol Headache,Firsty cycle,Cruising with test
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    Need Help With Cycle Planning

    Okay, so i could really use some help for this one. I have to be able to lift through to A competition that is in April. I’m trynna bulk up then lean up for my final comp. I want to start before season begins for me which is January, so I figured December would be appropriate to frontload my...
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    Tbol Only Cycle - 25MG/50MG - Directors Log

    Ok here it go guys! Just started my Tbol only cycle. Yes i know what im doing and im on to everyones test as a baseline. But im willing to make myself a guineapig for everyone's sake. Cycle to last 5-6 weeks. Im on my 6th Day (Started 25MG from July 1-4 and 50MG from July 5-6). I am 5'8...
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    1 week into my Tbol/Winny Light Cycle - Log

    Hello All, at the first I would like to say sorry about my English skills as I am not from English speaking country so reading of this thread could be pretty harder in some parts. Lets introduce me: Doing workout since 2014 24 y.o. 173cm (5.6 feet) 72kg (158 pounds) 12-15% body fat How the...
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    2nd cycle,test c, sus, tbol,winny

    State Age 26 Gym age 10 Height 5'8 Weight 191 Have done a cycle of Test c and winny. Now plan to my next. ......... D1..39 Test c ,400mg/3D D42..69 Sustanon 400mg/3D D1..35 Tbol 40mg/ED D 50..85 Winny 50mg/ED D29..79 Femara 1.25mg/EOD D50..90 HCG 250mg /EOD Going to take Livecare(Liv 52) and...
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    My experience with TBOL

    I recently ended a short 1st time cycle with TBOL. A few more experienced people I work out with suggested I would be wasting my time with such a "weak" compound. As a performance athlete and not a bodybuilder I felt the TBOL was a good way to go. My cycle lasted only one month and I aired on...