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    cutting down on trenbolone

    This will be my fifth cycle ever in my first time using tren. Heard good things about tren shredding. I’m following IIFYM dieting and read that tren is good for people who like to eat dirty and eat a lot of junk food. The tren dosage I read was good was 300mgs a week. I’m also looking to use...
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    Mega shred and recomp stack?

    I’m getting impatient with my training, its been 8 months where i am going on almost a daily basis to the gym and i’m not seeing very much results I would like to take things to the next level. What is your feelings on doing a mega shred and recomp stack? I’m looking to get GW, RAD, S4 and YK11...
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    Anyone use engine shred?

    I was searching online for a good cheap pre-workout to try and came across this product that was called engine shred it is only $40 and I save another 10% with my coupon code. Reviews are pretty good on it but not sure if they're fake or not. Any recommendation on if this is a good product or not
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    Cutting Cycle - Diet/Clen/Anavar/Test

    Hi guys, I am 23, 83 kgs, bf 12%. My goal is to drop to single figures bf whilst putting on a small amount of muscle, I play on the wing for a rugby league team so getting to big would affect this. I am starting out tomorrow with Anavar 50mg tablets (I know it is ideal to split the dose but...
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    n2shred stack diet help!

    What's up guys. After alot of great advice I decided to pput my cycle off and run the n2shred stack. I'm 6' 260 Was wondering if I could get some help with a diet to lose as much weight as possible. I do 45 min weights 4-5 days a week 30-60 min cardio every day
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    Brand New Member, Need Advice on first (second) stack - STATS INSIDE! Anavar + Primo.

    Hello Athletes... I'm a brand new member here, and definately believe the knowledge available on this website is unsurpassed by any other forum Ive been in! I am looking for some cycle advice, and i do understand there are tons of these "newbie help" posts made daily, so I will try and be as...
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