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  1. tui

    Rad140, YK11, M2866 Sarms stack

    Hi all, I'm early forties, have messed around with dbol and Rad140 when I was younger, admittingly without the proper knowledge and PCT. I'm lucky not to have any long term sides as a consequence of my ignorance to what I was doing to my body (I think!). Anyway, Ive done my bloodwork in...
  2. J

    How about sarms for meatheads?

    The only people i see using sarms lately are skinny dweebs What about using sarms for meatheads? The hell with it, I will step up the plate and do it myself to test this crap out I’m currently 265 pounds, 6’2’’ and 48 years old. I’m also a biker and part of a club. Don’t look at us sideways...
  3. F

    Yk11 cycle thoughts and changes

    5 ft 11 in 33 years old 178 lb I want to use yk11 and try it 15-20mgs a day But I want to Stack it with something else for maximum results I'm debating what to mix in with it. I know that yk11 has to be ran once a day Is there another sarm i can take EOD with it? Maybe rad140? Or sr9009? I’m...
  4. K

    Endurance sarms stack

    37 years old 207 lb 5 ft 11 in live in Colorado doing a lot of Endurance Sports this time of year in the cold I'm looking for a sarm stack that can not only give me endurance but also keep me warm Looking at something for 12 weeks if possible
  5. S

    Bridge with sarms

    Check out my sarms bridge Just Finished a 12-week testosterone only cycle I want to transition to a sarms bridging to keep my gains I’m currently 6 ft tall and about 185 lb. Was thinking of doing a 4 week post cycle therapy and then doing 8 weeks of a sarm stack with lgd4033 + gw cardarine...
  6. I

    Cheap sarms cycle

    I'm looking to do a cheaper sarm cycle than the ones that are recommended on here so please don't suggest anything that will cost me more than $250 My goals are simple I want lean muscle mass if that takes using once or more to that is fine I'm 6ft 3in and 275 lb my body fat I don't know but...
  7. C

    Lean mass sarms

    I want to do my next sarm stack as I lean muscle builder Looking at rad140, lgd4033 or gw cardarine Maybe 2 of those in the same stack. Help me set it up 215 pounds, 6’1’’ 18% body fat. Want to avoid fat gain
  8. P

    S4 works good for strength?

    I had a buddy of mine use andarine s4 sarm and he said he had good strength results I’m looking to try it too. I’m 26 and 210 pounds @6’3’’ my struggles are with strength. I’m super weak for my height
  9. N

    Sarms side effects to look for

    I’m gonna be running the following sarm stack: Andarine-s4 50mgs a day increasing to 100mgs Cardarine gw501516 20mgs increasing to 40mgs Rad140 10mgs increasing to 20mgs Which sides can i expect? I’m 22% body fat and 245 pounds 5’10’’
  10. Y

    cutting down with sarms

    I have a unique situation because I had bulked over the past year using steroids but now I want to cut back down I was 160 pounds and got to 185. I’m 5’9’’ and now 16% body fat which sarm stack would work good for me if I want to cut back down and get back to around 175 and be leaner? I’m 25...
  11. L

    Ready for LGD or no?

    I was wondering if you thought I was ready for lgd4033 I’m currently 22 years old 5’7’’ 134 pounds I have been training for 6 weeks My friend said it was a good sarm to try do you think I'm ready to try it or should I wait a little longer before getting on. And how long do you think a good...
  12. S

    sarms but no PCT

    I can afford to run a sarm cycle but I cannot afford to run a post cycle hence please don't suggest i run a PCT. And hence please give me a sarms stack that doesn't require to do a pct. My goals are to cut down. I’m 28% body fat and weigh 280 pounds
  13. P

    sr vs. Gw?

    What is the stronger sarm for cutting down weight between gw cardarine and sr9009? My friend said that gw was better and he said he lost a lot of weight on it, but I am reading good things on sr too I’m currently 26 years old and do crossfit. I’m around 20% body fat, my goal is to get to 10% by...
  14. P

    fat loss sarms stack

    I’m looking at using a sarms stack that includes GW-cardarine but not sure what else would work good with it I’m 17% body fat I was much bigger a year ago, dropped down from 25% I’m following a strict diet and doing fasted cardio what should I add to GW? Please give me 1 more sarm, I...
  15. D

    Gw cardarine and which other sarm?

    I'm considering using steroids for the first time but still thinking about it. In the mean time I want to try using a sarm stack My goal is to cut down everyone says that cardarine GW is the best thing for cutting down. my question is what else would you run with it and how long should I...
  16. H

    Safest sarms

    what is the safest sarm stack to use for a guy who's been looking for a few years who just wants a little bit of an edge in the weight room I'm 5 ft 10 165 lb body fat is somewhere in the low teens I don't want to take anything that's going to give me side effects either on cycle or off
  17. D

    Best dose for lgd4033 and lgd3033

    All right about this new sarm called lgd3033 do you think it would be beneficial to stack both of these LGD together or does it not matter? I have leftover lgd4033 on hand I was thinking of doing maybe 30 mg of each I’m 5’9 143 pounds And i have been training for 2 years
  18. J

    Help me make a sarm cycle

    22 years old 5’9’’ 180 pounds I'm about 23% body fat I've been training for the past two to three years but I've been serious over the past six months what I be able to use a sarm cycle that includes ostarine MK, gw cardarine, and lgd4033 or is this too much? I was thinking about...
  19. H

    Excited about my sarm cycle

    what do you think about this sarm cycle I'm really excited about using it. My goals are to gain muscle and lose fat Gw cardarine 20 mg a day lgd 4033 20 mg a day ostarine MK 15 mg a day what kind of results can I get on this I'm currently 6 ft 2 in in 180 lb
  20. K

    LGD4033 good or bad for libido?

    I'm reading up on lgd 4033 and seems like it's a great sarm for building good quality lean muscle mass and also building strength I'm very excited to try it for the first time my only concern is suppression and it affecting my libido. Or will it boost my libido instead?
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