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  1. V

    what are ripped models using?

    I’m wondering what the ripped models are using that I see in magazines or online and YouTube videos and stuff like that it can’t be just steroids they have to also be using fat burning supplements correct? I don’t trust what they are pushing because I know they’re getting paid to push it I’m...
  2. JimAbs43 Hardcore 2.0 #9 - Getting Ripped in the Spring - Euro Pharmacies Hardcore 2.0 #9 - Getting Ripped in the Spring - Euro Pharmacies
  3. S

    first time var

    female 26 years old 5’10’’ 150 pounds very athletic, was a volleyball player in college. Want to try anavar/oxandrolone. Don’t know how much to use or for how long. Also which website should I order it from so I don’t get ripped off goals are to lose fat and gain strength
  4. E

    Zydex - ProRip

    Hi Guys, I have been looking into this product (Zydex - Pro Rip) Var 25mg Winstrol 25mg per tablet. Has anyone tried this or had any experience with it? Just looking for advice if this product is any good? Been advised 2 -3 tablets spread throughout the day on 7-8 week cycle can see some...
  5. M

    Back in the Gym

    Hey guys I've been out of the game for a while because of a shoulder injury. I'm now trying to get back which is the hardest thing. I was wondering if you guys could help me out please. I need something to add to my cycle that will give me energy throught out the day. I'm starting a cycle this...
  6. T

    Trying to cut up?

    Hey, ive recently finished a gym regime thats taken me to being a tiny 9 stone to being 11.4 in like 1 and a half years.. im 5.7 and i gotta say my benching isnt too bad for my size, im on around 95kg flat, 100 decline bench and id say 75 for my incline benching.. i just want some tip to cut up...
  7. J

    tests prop and anavar for cutting

    hi. im new to this forum and need some assistance with my new cycle , please. im 27 y.o , 1.82m tall . 84kg(185lbs) and 14% bf i have done 2 cycles prior . first was 250mg sust and 400eq per week for 12 weeks and nolva and clomid for pct. kept alot of my gains. 2. 500mg sust for 10 weeks and...
  8. A

    My Progress Fat to Ripped Insane Abs

    This my 2 year progress hope you all enjoy it heres the link: My 2 year Body Transformation Video - YouTube yalaN3hjEQ Never quit keep pushing hard
  9. B

    Gain strength, Get ripped, At the same time!!

    ( I did my best to write this post in the best English i could do, Please don't flame me, I'm trying really hard to learn the languish! ) Hello Elite fitness, I made a new workout system to gain strength and cut weight. I've lifted weights before, so I can use a little muscle memory to help...
  10. lew15

    A anavar question

    Hi, im naturally muscular weighing 16 stone and im 5ft 10 i have probably a stone and a half of fat on me. I dont want to get massive just get ripped looking good so will 40mg of anavar a day be enough for me? im looking to take it for 8 weeks. Also as im new to steroids any extra advice will...
  11. B

    Time to Get Serious...Test Enanthate/Anavar Cycle --Please Critique! im 23 years old, its time to get serious, and im looking to do my first cycle....(i have done a few otc prohormones before, but obv, they dont' count) im 5'10, 190 lbs..12-14% body fat..and im looking to lean down a bit...maybe to 7 or 8% body fat(to get that ripped look)...without...
  12. T

    Anavar, creatine mono cycle

    Can you please help me out. This is my very first ever cycle. Been weight lifting consistantly for about 3 years. I think pic on profile? Male 23 5'3 145 lbs 10% bodyfat Planing on taking 40mg ed of Anavar, with 10mg eod creating mono. for 8 weeks. I was told I didnt need a pct. I want to...
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