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    recomping without tren harder?

    Currently 15% body fat and I’m 216 pounds and six foot three inches 40 years old I’ve done 1 recomp before, that was with trenbolone this time I want to recomp without tren. 2 reasons 1. its hot where I live already and I don’t want to deal with the tren sweats 2. tren side effects are brutal...
  2. L

    Recomping at 40 years old

    like most of you I’ve hit a wall at 40 years old very hard to lose the fat and also put on muscle mass at my age versus 10 years ago need some help with steroids that you recommend that I use for this situation was thinking of doing tren. But I’m not that experienced with gear so not sure if I’m...
  3. J

    Best recomping sarms. S4 or ostarine?

    I got 20% body fat and I'm hoping to drop to about 15% on the cycle 217 lb and I am 5 ft 10 in don't have much muscle on my frame either so if I can maybe keep the muscle that I have or add more muscle while also dropping the body fat that would be most ideal for me and I am 57 years old...
  4. Y

    Using a fast and long cut together

    So i’m planning on my next cycle. overall it's going to be a cutting cycle but I want to be a little clever with it What i mean is that i want to do a fast cut which i will stay on for 6 weeks, then continue the stack with a long cut. The only difference is it will be tren and masteron short...
  5. G

    Recomping with sarms finally

    I keep saying that I'm going to do this but I never get around to it. I know recomping is very hard. I’ve always just cut or bulked, never recomped both I’m gonna go for it with sarms. I'm currently 6'1 212 lb and around 18 to 19% body fat I've got decent muscle on my frame but nothing too...
  6. Z

    Adding sarms to my next protocol

    My next cycle i want it to be sarms why not. I want to definitely burn off fat I’m 225 pounds and 5’10’’ and 27 years old I have 2 ideas and i wanted to see what you thought My first plan was : Gw lgd Rad Sr9009 This plan is based on reviews i have read about it being good for recomping and fat...
  7. F

    Recomping larger cycle

    Excited to try a larger cycle this time 5’9’’ 175 and 38 years old My plan is: Masteron propionate 50mgs EOD Trenbolone acetate 50mgs EOD Testosterone prop 50mgs ED anything you would change here? up
  8. Y

    8 week steroid run

    Gonna do a quick hit and run cycle for 8 weeks Testosterone propionate 50mgs a day Masteron propionate 75mgs EOD My question is which oral steroid should i throw in there and when ? kickstart or finisher? Goals are lean muscle mass and recomping I’m 6’1’’ 243 and 20% BODY FAT, 53 years old
  9. S

    Final sarms advice before

    Looking for some final sarms advice before i start my next cycle Looking at using GW cardarine and sr9009 I might throw in some MK2866 ostarine too if you think it works good What dosage would work for 8 weeks? My goals are recomping. I need to lose fat and gain muscle. 6’1’’ and weigh 105kg...
  10. D

    Wow PSL real steroids

    I was using fake steroids before and now i know the difference between the fake stuff and the real stuff. PSL has great products. I am using their tri trenbolone blend. It is tremendous I am recomping really good gaining a lot of muscle and also losing fat at the same time. I'm up to 220 lb
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