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protein powder

  1. M

    do you mix protein powder with your juice?

    This is a question that I don’t see talked about enough on here I know some of you on here use protein powder and I would like to start drinking it to get an extra 60 or 80 grams of protein in my diet per day my question is instead of mixing protein powder with water or milk you guys ever try...
  2. A

    Skipping supplement days

    Let's say I take a day or two off from taking supplements. Should I the next day double up on my dosage or triple the dosage or do I just continue taking them as is? For example i missed taking protein powder and my fadogia the last 2 days. Does this mean i should go ahead and triple the dose...
  3. J

    Best way to mix protein powder

    I'm having a hard time mixing my protein powder because it won't mix well. I had a talk with my friend and he said I should get a shaker cup. So I started using that but after a few days it would really smell bad and it being possible to get it cleaned out. How do you guys manage to do it...
  4. K

    #1 protein brand on forum

    What is the best protein powder that you recommend on this forum I see that every website out there that has a forum like this as a couple good protein options but doesn't seem like there's one on here that I've seen just looking for something I can grab to buy for my nephew
  5. D

    protein powder plain

    I am looking to grab some plain protein powder not sure what I should look for when shopping for it. Every brand I see has a lot of artificials and sugars. Does anyone on here use the plain unsweetened whey and then add your own things to it? Maybe adding fruit?
  6. A

    Anyone trying black lion products

    I'm checking out black line products online they are being marketed very heavily right now is there a reason that a lot of people are starting to use it. I'm looking for a protein powder and post workout supplement that I can use to help me keep my games
  7. A

    Lots of gas from protein powder

    ever since I started drinking protein shakes my gas is out of control and it's very uncomfortable for me as well as people around me. Also when I go to the bathroom it stinks really bad and the whole house smells afterwards. This has never happened to me before what do you think is causing it
  8. T

    Mixing protein?

    How do you all mix your protein powder everyday do you use a Shaker? The one I'm using gets dirty so quickly and starts thinking and even when I put it in the dishwasher it doesn't get the stink out. Need something that will be easy to do that I can do long-term thank you
  9. R

    Protein powder n2bm?

    N2bm is my Go to supplement store for the past 3 years but I noticed they stop selling their protein powder around the time I started using them and I've been waiting for them to bring it back and checking the website with no success. When will they have this product back in stock so I don't...
  10. 3

    Protein powder brands

    not much about on here about protein powders is there a source on here or a sponsor that sells them or is it something that's more a luxury that you guys don't really push very much. I'm only getting 160 grams of protein a day and look in the push it over 200 grams so I need some protein powder
  11. W

    Sarms in the UK

    there is a shop over here in the UK that sells all kinds of things from prohormones, two protein powder, supplements, and sarms. The owner is a juice head and he's really big so I trust him that he would not sell bad products. Problem is I have been using his sarms for 8 weeks and I'm not...
  12. R

    choosing your own protein powder

    I have found a company that customizes your protein powder where YOU choose what goes in there but the price is more expensive than just buying cheap protein powder from the store. I was thinking of going this route and then adding in my own cocoa and stevia to sweeten it cause I hear it is...
  13. R

    banana with protein powder

    Wow guys, this is delicious, I’ve never been a fan of banana’s at all, just not my thing the way they taste but I have been mixing them with my unsweetened protein powder in my smoothies I make at home and it makes a lot of difference in how sweet it tastes. I highly recommend trying it, what...
  14. J

    how to choose a protein powder

    Let’s say I am at the supplement store and I see a protein powder on the shelf, what should I look for in it on the label and what should I not look for? For example I found one that is 33g protein, 5g carbs and 25 calories from fat. Is that better than one that is 35g protein, 4g carbs and 20...
  15. E

    ingredients in protein powder

    I have been using protein powder for 2 weeks and everytime I use it I get the craps and get cramps in my stomach. so i started using an enzyme for lactose thinking that would help. after i used that the problems did not get better. what causes this and is there any solution cause i need more...
  16. M

    Protein Powder Help

    I dont have that much dough to shell out on protein, and i dont wanna piss off my parents about over spending on supps. That being said i need a good protein powder that can do it all. I usually take a 25g protien shake in the A.M. with breakfast. A 25g protein shake p.w.o. and a 50g protein...
  17. T

    Best protein powder for massive size

    Looking for advice on the best protein/ meal replacement powder. Need some ad vice please. Thanks- tattbuck
  18. C

    Need2's Protein - Whey To Build Muscle - GET IN HERE!

    That's right ladies, its out, go get your self some at his store. I just ordered Chocolate and Cinabun and can't wait. Post up your reviews and make your poll selections. WTF are you waiting for click >>>>>>>>>>HERE<<<<<<<<<<< and order yours NOW!
  19. S

    What Protein Supplements have you all Tried?

    I have my favorites and have noted my experience, but what are yours?
  20. BigJohnD

    The Best Protein Supplement

    What is the best protein powder supplement. For protein shakes or drinks that help in dieting when you need that extra protein for lbm. And i am guessing that the more protein a shake would have, ie: 40-50g and up would have to better....?
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