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    HELP! Stopping a Test e cycle after 1 injection

    hello, i would like to start off by saying that im 17 (i know im too young to go on steroids) and did almost no research whatsoever on steroids and as dumb as it sounds i took my first Test E (500mg) injection (I have never done steroids before so this was my first time) 2 days ago from this...
  2. 4

    Winny, first timer need advice!

    Hey I'm going to be back in school september and I'm planning on getting a gym membership. I'll be getting winny 25mg tabs and I have a few questions. Is there anything else recommended to stack with winny or should I stick with just the Winny, I should also mention I'm a virgin to steroids. My...
  3. P

    My first cycle (Test E and EQ)

    Hello guys.. I'm 30 years old, 5'8"... I started my first cycle this week (although my first shot was last friday) i am running Test E 500mg/week and EQ 400mg/week. I told my friend who supplied it that i was looking for a basic or beginner cycle and this is what he recommended. My question for...
  4. S

    need advice on winstrol

    hey guys i am a 22 year old male and have never ran any type of cycle a i am 6"1` with a very athletic build i played sports all of my life and am relatively in decent shape i weigh 235 at the moment with around 22% body fat and a friend of mine recommended winstrol i am not looking to get...
  5. M

    Cycle Advice!!!

    Hi guys. I'm looking to start a cycle. Haven't done steroids before and haven't been to the gym much. Although I'm pretty strong and have been told by some friends that I should try steroids because they think I'll react well to them. This is the cycle they suggested... 20 Weeks: 1-20: Tren...
  6. J

    First ever TEST an STANOZOLOL cycle

    30 years old 5ft 10 168lbs Stocky looking but more fat dont know exactly how much Trained 5 years went to 189lbs lost it all now cos i stopped training But ive been training regularly now so please no answers sayin i should train naturally and get back to 189lbs Because i havent an now ive...
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