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  1. H

    Check out my diet routine

    I'm currently doing around 3000 calories per day close to 300 g of protein 5 meals a day. My first meal is a large Shake which includes fruit and protein powder second meal is sweet potato, broccoli, and chicken breast third meal is similar to the second meal fourth meal is eggs, oatmeal...
  2. H

    More nutrition from supplements

    I don't think that I am eating enough during the day and I don't want to really take a meal replacement shake or a meal replacement meal so which supplements would be able to fill in some of the extra food that I'm missing out on?
  3. A

    What to take before a meal?

    What are the best supplements to take before a meal? I'm not just talking about something to help me digest which I do need cuz I get stomach upset a lot also something that would help better absorb the food that I'm eating
  4. Z

    Digest products

    As I've gotten older I've noticed that I start blowing up a lot more than usual especially after I eat a big meal I was wondering if this happens to you and if so did you take any supplement to help get things digested and cleansed out
  5. C

    best meal replacements

    I'm posting this right now from the health food store and I'm looking at a wall full of meal replacements. They also have an abundance of protein bars. I see a lot of guys here who are buying one or two protein bars and then I might buy a box of the meal replacements. I'm not sure though which...
  6. J

    pre workout meal?

    What is your preferred pre workout meal where you get sustained energy throughout and don’t get sick? When I eat before a workout I notice I feel like I am going to throw it back up. I just want to know the best thing to eat
  7. D

    N2slin how many before meals?

    I'm reading about n2slin online and it makes a lot of sense to me on how I'm supposed to use it they say You're supposed to take it before your meal. If that is the case can you recommend how I'm supposed to dose before a meal? and what would happen if I were to use it after I ate instead
  8. J

    eating during workout?

    What do you think about working out for 30 minutes, then eating a meal, and then doing 30 more minutes of training? I was listening to a podcast online and the guy was saying that it worked good for him to change that meal timing. Does it have any scientific backing?
  9. P

    Your first meal and last meal of the day

    can you give me an idea of what you guys are doing in terms of when you have your first meal and when you have your last meal there is a lot of opinions on this and I know there's not any right answers but I'm just curious what you guys are doing especially those of you who have been in the...
  10. Z

    Meal plan pros and cons

    Here is my meal plan and an example of what i ate today. Tell me if its good or bad, each meal is below i had 6 total Whey isolate and sports drink ground beef, salad, bread chicken, rice, broccoli Tuna and bread 12 egg whites and berries Ground beef with broccoli I am looking to cut up...
  11. 2

    what day do you meal prep? tips

    Over the weekend I just didn’t have the energy to meal prep so I skipped it this week, I feel like if I break my habit then I won’t do it that week which I am working on. I did get frozen veggies and a few pounds of chicken breast strips which are out the counter defrosting. What tips can you...
  12. G

    best desserts after a meal

    I am having a date over for dinner for the first time and I want to impress her, I am making her a nice chicken teryaki meal and plan on making my move on her after dessert. Here is the thing, she is a health freak bigtime so I don’t want to get her some sugary dessert. What do you guys do in...
  13. drsketch

    How much protein do you take per meal?

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