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    Using lgd and ACP

    Haven't seen too many posts about using this stack. I’m going with lgd3303 and ACP 105 I'm going to be doing the lgd 20 mg split dose in the morning and then later in the day and then same thing with the ACP same dosage I'm about 20% body fat which I want to get knocked down to 15% and I think...
  2. K

    Lgd4033 works with sr9009?

    What works better if you had to pick between sr9009 and lgd4033 or can i just do both together my main goals I think are going to be a recomposition but I know that will be difficult because my genetics aren't really good my full stats are 22 years old and I weigh around 274 lb and I am 6'3. my...
  3. F

    Sarms gw stacking

    40 years old Out of the gym 3 years 5’11’’ 180 pounds 12% body fat I have several sarms i want to use GW cardarine 20mgs/day Lgd4033 20mgs a day Rad140 10mgs a day 12 weeks good?
  4. Y

    Sarms are a good option?

    I’m looking at 2 sarms this time Yk11 Lgd4033 Goal is bulking Stats: 33 years old 5’11’’ 156 pounds Lean body physique How long would you do these?
  5. R

    Sarms stack solo or stacked?

    Should i run my lgd4033 solo or stacked? was thinking of doing the lgd along with either GW cardarine or maybe sr9009 my goals are greater endurance but also I want some lean muscle mass I'm in my early forties and I am around 216 lb with 20% body fat
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    Nutrobal mk677 and lgd4033

    Want to bulk up Too skinny currently I am 6 ft 2 inches in 167 lb 30 years old and I've been training for the past 3 to 4 years Mk677 25mgs a day Lgd4033 30mgs a day Should i use something else? I have a budget for 1 thing and is 12 weeks enough?
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    Bulking with sarms

    I'm 165 lb and I am 6 ft 3in. I'm pretty skinny for my height would like to put on some size but don't want to get fat I’m 27 years old Looking at this stack: S23 30mgs a day Yk11 15 mgs per day Lgd4033 20mgs a day
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    Check out sarms stack below

    Lgd4033 20mgs a day Yk11 10mgs a day Ostarine mk for joints 25mgs a day. Should i bump the osta to 50? 6’5’’ 210 pounds and trying to improve my endurance and physique I have a history of soft tissue injuries, now in my 50’s
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    learning about this stack of sarms

    putting together a sarms stack now. I want to lose fat primarily but also want to gain muscle too, I’m currently 20% body fat or more. 5’10’’ 198 pound. 23 yrs rad140 20mgs yk11 10mgs lgd4033 30mgs
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    SR + LGD time?

    Goal is cutting while keeping muscle Running a heavy deficit in calories and carbs No changes otherwise I’m 43 years old 5’10’’ 188 pounds 18% body fat Wanted to try sr9009 25mgs per day with lgd4033 20mgs a day Thoughts and changes?
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    Will i gain or lose from sarms?

    So here is my interesting question. Will I gain or lose weight using sarms? I’m currently 6’2’’ and exactly 200 pounds I wanted to try lgd4033 20mgs a day with maybe yk11 or s23 at 10mgs a day I currently work out 4 times a week and I do cardio twice a week.
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    impatience on sarms

    I am getting more short and impatient at work with people ever since I started using sarms I’m doing lgd4033 20mgs a day I’m also stacking in s23 10mgs a day got them from source on here I’m 33 years old and I weigh 205 pounds and 6’1’’ what is going on ?
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    Ready for LGD or no?

    I was wondering if you thought I was ready for lgd4033 I’m currently 22 years old 5’7’’ 134 pounds I have been training for 6 weeks My friend said it was a good sarm to try do you think I'm ready to try it or should I wait a little longer before getting on. And how long do you think a good...
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    No results on sarms so far

    I know it's really early the panic but I just wanted to update you on my sarms cycle I’m 5’6’’ and 142 pounds and 24 years old I am only up about 6 pounds so far after 8 weeks on I’m using lgd4033 and rad140. Doing 5mgs of each when will I start making real gains?
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    Upping sarms dose halfway

    What do you guys think about increasing sarms dosing when you're halfway through the cycle? I’m only up 8 pounds so i wanted to push things more I’m 183 pounds and my goal is 200 pounds, i’m 12% body fat and 6 foot tall, 24 years old I’m doing lgd4033 10mgs a day and YK11 10mgs a day. Should i...
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    Using LGD/RAD optimally

    I see a lot of people on reddit who like the lgd4033 + rad140 stack They usually run 10-15mgs a day and have good results I’m 195 pounds and 5’5’’ so i am a bit overweight for my height do you think I should stack in something to help with cutting as well or should I just focus on these...
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    Possible chest issues from sarms

    I have been using lgd4033 and I'm starting to develop bitch tits It makes me feel like i got misled cause you all say that sarms don’t cause side effects I’m 23 years old and i already need a bra so thank you I got my staff from tony huge sarms company
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    Research chemical sarms

    I'm going to be trying research chemicals sarm's on my rat My rat is big, he is 212 pounds. 26 years old 5’8’’ He needs to trim up to get more action :) What is a good dose of lgd4033 and gw cardarine to use also do you think that 4 weeks is enough or should I increase it to 6 weeks
  19. D

    RAD140 is stronger than LGD?

    If I was to compare lgd 4033 and rad 140 which one would you think was Stronger? I'm 5 ft 7 in and I weigh 162 lb. my goal is to gain about 10 lb of lean muscle mass and also lose a couple pounds of fat at the same time. that would be most ideal I'm currently lifting 4 times a week and I've...
  20. K

    Feeling aggressive sarms

    I have been using sarms for 2 weeks and I'm starting to get really aggressive and impatient with people. I was at a restaurant the other day and the girl forgot to bring me my fajitas and I snapped on her and then snapped on my girlfriend afterwards. My girlfriend ran out of the restaurant...