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    Healthiest sub options

    Currently working at a sub shop and we get 1 free sub a day to take home After work i always do an hour of exercise and I've been doing my best to get into the best shape possible I'm at a loss at what kind of sub would be the best option for me to take home with me. what kind of bread what kind...
  2. JimAbs43 486 Natural healthy ingredients to take along with your Steroid cycle. 486 Natural healthy ingredients to take along with your Steroid cycle.
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    Best ways to cook chicken

    what are the best ways to cook chicken that you can share to make it not only healthy but also taste decently good ? I'm going to stop eating fast food chicken, its not helping my waistline and i know it isn’t good for me. I just need some help on the best way to make it
  4. J

    healthiest pizza options

    I know pizza isn’t good for us, so I am not looking to go crazy with this but I’m sure there is a healthy pizza option that is atleast ‘not as bad’ as some of the other pizzas that you can buy from anywhere. Any recommendations for me to try?
  5. A

    Are almonds good for us

    I seem to be getting addicted to almonds I like to buy them raw and then snack on them while I'm watching TV is this a good healthy option or am I eating too much of them. Some days I will eat like one or two cups in one setting. Just worried about calories
  6. T

    Making my own coconut oil

    I had a question about making your own coconut oil versus buying it from the store. Someone told me that the store-bought coconut oil is refined and is not good quality and not good for you, but they said that if you make it yourself it's much healthier. Anyone have any read on this information
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    Labor day bbq options

    don’t see many threads about bbq on here but labor day is coming up and I am having a get together with family coming into town and going to break out my bbq. What are some healthy options for me to feed the masses that will still taste good and satisfy everyone. Most of my family are health...
  8. E

    Do you eat corn

    I live in Iowa and this time of year you can literally buy corn for less than a dollar on the side of the road because it's so plentiful and everybody's grows it. I was thinking about it and wondering if it was healthy to eat it or if it's something that you should only eat as a treat what are...
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    how to make healthy burgers

    I was talking to a friend of mine who used to own a burger joint up north years ago and he was saying how his restaurant used to make healthy burgers and they had a good business going but it was pricey. Wouldn’t it be impossible to make a healthy burger if you are still using bread buns?
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    guacamole healthy?

    My new girlfriend is mexican and she makes fresh guacamole at home, we usually eat it plain or with some eggs. I know guac is pretty healthy but if I were to eat it with tortillas would that defeat the purpose? Also what is it with guacamole that makes it so good for you since it is high in...
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