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  1. T

    leg day bash on my hamstrings

    was doing my legs and someone came up to me and said that I needed to hit my hamstrings more and he said that they looked really small versus my quads. He was an older personal trainer who I see going around the gym and nitpicking people while they work out. Just curious if you think he is right...
  2. S

    Growing my hamstring

    so my dream is to compete next year I really am getting into bodybuilding but after working with a coach who took me in the room and have me pose for him he said that everything look good on my body but he said that they would penalize me for bad hamstrings. he gave me some tips to improving my...
  3. D

    Do you train your hamstrings

    I have very tight hamstrings and they are very strong already. I used to do a lot of weight training when I played football in high school and college and I think I build them really strong. I played running back and we have to have strong legs to be able to break tackles. now in my late...
  4. W

    Do you work out your hamstrings

    I had a question to ask you if you worked out your hamstrings. My hamstrings are extremely tight and sometimes I feel like I can't even bend my leg in a straight Direction up in the air. Is that because my hamstrings are too strong and I have an imbalance or is it because I like flexibility. Do...
  5. R

    Do you ever do single-leg training

    single leg movements are kind of weird for me unless it's the leg press. I also tend to fall over when trying to do lunges so I typically avoid single leg training as much as I can. do you think I'm missing out on getting bigger quads and hamstrings by avoiding them? Or do you think I can get...
  6. F

    Deadlifting High Reps

    I'm looking to use deadlifting to gain some serious mass and my question is what do you think about high rep deadlifting where are you really get a burn in your glutes and hamstrings versus going heavy and low reps and not experiencing such a big burn? right now I'm doing one plate 25 reps.
  7. P

    Is this a flexibility or Mobility problem?

    hey I seem to be having some flexibility problems. I'm super strong I can literally squat over 500 lb no problem, but the problem is that I can't really do ass to Grass squatting because it seems like my hamstrings are so big. Also when I lay on my back and try to lift my leg straight up at a...
  8. B

    upper hamstring pain????

    so about 3 in a half months ago i was squatting 275 for reps(thats my 10-15 rep weight) and i broke parallel and a massive pop happened in my right glute, it was painless but didn't feel right, as if a tendon rolled over something. it started hurting about 20 minutes later, in my upper...
  9. Hellawulf

    Squat Problem - Pulling Upper Hamstring

    Yesterday I was squatting fairly light (only 220 pounds) and at about the fourth rep, all the sudden a sharp pain shot up my leg, I pushed the weight up and racked it and quit on squats. Now whenever I sit down or move my leg a certain way it almost in between the groin and the hamstring. So I...
  10. Jennifer.B

    Quads and Hamstring training Advice?

    I was hoping some of you could give me some training advice, with legs. Which is my least fav body part to work out.. I'm happy with everything on my body and how I train them, but legs still need improvement, to my standards at least. My calves are pretty muscular, that's not so much a...
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