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female body building

  1. M

    Weightlifting belt for 5’1 female, 115 lb

    Hello everyone, I have been working out for a couple of years now. I am at the point in my training where I am considering using a weightlifting belt. My frame is small, and I think the spinal support a weightlifting belt can provide me will be beneficial as I pass my body weight (115 lb.) in...
  2. P

    Bodybuilding life after a baby

    Hi, I'm a 40 year old female that has accidentally fallen pregnant. My husband and I never thought it could happen but now that it has, will I still find the time to do what I love? I'm a career woman and we barely have time to relax with all the food prep and early morning training. Will I...
  3. L

    Anavar and Ipamorelin stack? thoughts?

    Started my first anavar cycle about 4 weeks ago. Before starting, I had weight trained pretty seriously for the last 3-4 years, and competed very successfully as a natty during those years. feel i had reached my genetic potential. Currently taking 10mg/day, havnt really experienced any sides...
  4. N

    hat is the best fat burner steroid for woman (1st time user/cycle)?

    This is my first time to the site. Looking to get a good feel out about Anabolic Steroids perrably female friendly. Im currently 5'5'', 165 lbs, female, and at 30% bodyfat. I go to the gym 4-6 times a week. I am a runner, getting into Zumba and abs work here lately. I work throughout the day...
  5. A

    Female 1st Cycle of Anavar- 25mg How much is TOO much?

    Hi Guys! This is my first time posting and was hoping at least a couple experienced people could help coach me along my first cycle of Anavar. I am 5'2" 125lbs, about 15% BF, I have a vegan diet and I am a silks aerialist (google it) My goal is simply to GET STRONGER! I am attempting to get 150...
  6. S

    Calling all female body builders!!Advice Needed!! Newbie!!

    Hi guys!, My name is Leanne and I am really interested in body building but I dont know where to start. I have recently lost 3 stone and I am now 12st 6 (5ft8" tall) and have a BMI of 26. I am stuck in diet mode - scard to eat to much in fear of gaining weight again :worried: but all of the...
  7. Jennifer.B

    Thinking of getting T3....Need Advice

    I've never talked to anyone that's ever taken T3 before, and Im thinking of trying it for the first time. If you took it before, how did you like it? and what dosages did you start with? Thanks!:wavey:
  8. therugger

    Women supplements

    I mentioned in my intro I'm helping a handful of girls I work with get acclaimated in the gym. They are crazy motivated which makes it fun. They are interested in supplements. I know what is and what isn't eefective but was wondering if there were differences in suppliments for women. It's...
  9. N

    is 2iu hgh too much for girl?

    please help,thanks
  10. Jennifer.B

    Quads and Hamstring training Advice?

    I was hoping some of you could give me some training advice, with legs. Which is my least fav body part to work out.. I'm happy with everything on my body and how I train them, but legs still need improvement, to my standards at least. My calves are pretty muscular, that's not so much a...
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