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  1. Y

    Jay Cutler breakfast?

    Has anyone tried the Jay Cutler breakfast ? how did it work for you? I want to wake up and train early, then eat it 2 eggs Protein shake Egg whites Ezekiel bread Oatmeal Then next meal chicken and rice
  2. H

    Liquid egg white muscleegg

    anyone use this product called muscle egg which is liquid egg whites seems to be a cheap way to get extra protein and it's way cheaper than buying eggs and making them I'm currently getting in 250 grams of protein a day and would like to make it higher
  3. Peprika

    Egg Love

    hey guys i thought this was interesting... The Health Benefits of Raw Eggs - it's an article about how raw eggs are better for you! does anyone disagree? does anyone here eat their eggs raw? i'm thinking about giving it a shot. :)
  4. heavydutyhit

    The egg white debate......

    I saw this info on another board and though it was great info so I decided to share it with everyone. "I will try to be thorough, take notes if necessary so you may pass this info on to other young body builders, who will undoubtedly ask this question every week from now until the end of...
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