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  1. JimAbs43

    Podcast 586 - How to get better at bench press, deadlift, squat? 586 - How to get better at bench press, deadlift, squat?
  2. P

    How long to run roids

    What is the best length of steroids I should run I'm aiming to take testosterone with another steroid, maybe trenbolone? What is the best addition if I want to get some strength gains My strength stats: bench press: 290 pounds, squat: 330, deadlift: 350. help me out guys and...
  3. R

    Deadlift injury

    have you ever done a dead left and then came up gimpy. I was doing them and I did not feel any pain during the set. Then I was done with the set and I got up and I couldn't even walk. Do you think this is some type of injury or maybe just a spasm reaction
  4. 2

    Need some lifting advise

    I'm 22 years old and I have been Lifting for a year, I'm up to 160 lb and I train at home. Right now my deadlift is around 350 lb in my bench press is in the mid 200 range. my issue is my squat is pretty weak. I have a hard time squatting even 200 pounds. What is your advice on squatting at home...
  5. G

    Is this too much training

    Today I went and did my bi’s and my triceps to the point where they were burning and completely exhausted. I was barely able to drive home my arms hurt so much. I want to go back again tomorrow and my question is do you think it would be too much to have a deadlift and bench day after what I did...
  6. R

    deadlift and stalling

    My deadlift has gotten to 4 plates then stalled out, I’ve stunk at deadlifts for a while now, maybe it is due to my short limbs I dunno. But it is one of my weaker lifts. I was thinking of gradually adding a little weight every 5 days when I do them to trick the body that way. Or is there...
  7. A

    gripping deadlift

    My grip stinks when it comes to deadlifting and I always lose it on the way up. I have tried using towels to dry my hands and chalk is not allowed in my gym. I think I just have smallish hands and maybe weak wrists. Someone said to try farmer’s walks but not sure if that would help or hurt...
  8. yunusmile

    snatch + clean n jerk instead of deadlift and squat

    my legs are already strong and big i just want to train my upper body and core. i heard these lifts give good shoulder and core power and they look like deadlift and front squat combined in high speed. is it ok if i drop deadlift and squat ( there is no squat rack anyway) and do snatch or clean...
  9. M

    601 Deadlift...3x bw at 200lbs

    Finally got summer goal was 600 and i finally got it up. Max Effort Deadlift Day. Bodyweight: 200lbs.. Weights in KG Plates Per Side: 4 Blue / 80kg 1 Orange / 25kg 1 Blue / 20kg 1 Black / 1.5 kg Bar: 20kg Sissy Straps used, didnt feel like having any grip issues on ME day...Next...
  10. Andalite

    Big Boy Basics

    Hi everyone!! I'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and the best of luck for all your goals. A new year means a new journal so welcome to Big Boy Basics!!! Goals are as they have always been: to stay injury free and get stronger and hopefully lose some of the chub ;) For all...
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