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cycle advice please

  1. G

    Cycle help please

    I'd appreciate any help you can offer. Working on a bulking cycle. Have a bit of gear, but not sure what route I should go. I'm 33yrs old, 5'10'', 205lbs, and 15% body fat. Diet: 60% fat (mostly olive oil/avocado) 35% Protein, , and lifting 3 days, with one day of low impact, and one day of...
  2. N

    Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Cycles

    I am 42 years old and I am on TRT during the past 2 months. Currently taking 200ml a week of test cypionate, but decided to take advantage of it and do the following: Take 200ml Test x 2 week (Mondays & Thursdays) and Equigan 200ml x 1 per week. I have a 50ml bottle of Equigan and I need to get...
  3. C

    Anyone who can give advice on this Cycle PLEASE. had ED in the past

    Thank you in advance for any feedback you can help me with this cycle.. HAD BAD ADVICE IN THE PAST: GYNO symptoms, ED, Im 6’3 185ibs 25 years old not real bulky but lean muscle. I play golf so IM not trying to get real bulky but would like to gain more good lean muscle and keep more gains this...
  4. C

    What Do you think about this cycle and the PCT

    Thank you in advance for any feedback you can help me with Im 6’3 185ibs 25 years old not real bulky but lean muscle. I play golf so IM not trying to get real bulky but would like to gain more good lean muscle and keep more gains this time by doing the right PCT I also will be working out hard...
  5. C

    testosterone propionate and suspension cycle please help

    hello, This is my second cycle I am 6'3 175lb. my first cycle was about a year ago and I think i did too much: 600mg of test e and i think 600mg of nandrolona for about 10 weeks.. long story short i got sick with Lyme and lost all my gains, so now that I'm better i wanted to try something a lot...
  6. S

    3rd Cycle Planning

    Hi, First off here's my stats I am in my early 20's (I know I'm probably too young but I started my first cycle at 18 and made that decision then) Currently 92kg (was 100kg but had a recreational drug problem a while back, clean now and been training hard again) Deadlift: 180kg Squat : 200kg...
  7. TheOxen

    Allergy Tablets & Clen

    Help : Hoping for some advice! I'm on a Clen cycle, but with this time of year I need to take allergy tablets. I'm not taking them as supplement but for my allergies (sneezing). I tried my normal Graham Allergy Tablets with Loratadine but after an hour my body went inside out! Worst...
  8. W

    Show me the way

    I have 2, 10ml 250mg of cy tes. I haven't the slightest clue how to take, how much or where to apply( inject ) etc... I want size and strength. I care little about cut. I'm already 6', 280, 36% bmi but I'm a lifter so that goes right out the window. I'm 44yrs. Any help would be great. I don't...
  9. A

    RPN Havoc or Halo Extreme

    First and foremost I'm a newbie, so if there's rules I missed reading about besides the ones at the bottom, please let me know. I'm 36 years old, been lifting weights to stay in decent shape since I was about 20 (right after I joined the Army). I've never considered my self a "body builder"...
  10. E

    possible first cycle thoughts

    Iam 25 6'1 183 been lifting around three years. First cycle is as follows let me know what you guys think. 2 gp test enath 250 1 gp DECA 250 2 gp turan 3 gp anastrozole Ten week cycle then pct of Nolva Clomid Pregnyl HCG Anastrozole
  11. E

    tips on cycle

    Here is my first cycle I would love tips on what I do or don't need. My cycle will be 8 weeks long Gp methan 50 Go proviron Liv-52 Then onto pct stack Gp nolva Gp clomid Hcg Gp anastrozole
  12. J


    Testosterone propriate Dball, clen, equipois,? Would that be a good cycle? For my first time?
  13. E

    PCT help

    Iam planning out my first cycle but am not sure how long or how much I should have in my pct here is my first cycle plan as of now. 3 x gp methan 50 3 x gp proviron 2 liv- 52 But then it gets trick in pct there's so much to choose from.
  14. R

    only Test E is good while cutting?

    Hello brothers, I am on cutting right now and I am taking 10mg stanozolol ED. I was thinking to add Test E 250mg per week for 12 weeks. My body state is Age 28 Height 6.2" Weight 230 Between 20%-25% body fat Please help me to get huge and lean, I want to be a Lean Hulk ;) Any help would be...
  15. P

    New to gear - need advice

    I'm 38yrs old, 5'5, 150 lbs, 26% BF. Somewhat muscular build (swimmer body). I lost 60 pounds and now want to cycle. Can someone help me out with what I should take. I was told Var and T3 to begin with. I'm looking to tone and cut. Thanks all
  16. J

    Looking for some help

    What's up guys, im obviously new here and new to aas and was looking for some help. Brief little bit about me.. I am 24yrs old and been training on/off for about 8yrs but have been back on training consistently for about a year. My diet is not perfect but it is extremely close because I am...
  17. nov2226

    Help I need good advise from somes pros out there

    First cycle advise Test e Deca Anavar Pct Clomid Can someone recommend dosage? I'm 44 6'2 285
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