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cutting body fat

  1. 4

    Winny, first timer need advice!

    Hey I'm going to be back in school september and I'm planning on getting a gym membership. I'll be getting winny 25mg tabs and I have a few questions. Is there anything else recommended to stack with winny or should I stick with just the Winny, I should also mention I'm a virgin to steroids. My...
  2. allsixesandsevens

    Cutting cycle, HGH, AAS, T3....HELP?

    Just getting back into training after a few year layoff and need to shed some body fat. I have HGH (Saizen and Serostim) and wanted some advice on other things to help. I have heard of T3, and clenbuterol but don't like the jitters. Any AAS injectables as I don't want to lower my HDL any farther...
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