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    Need some tips before i start sarms

    I’m 28 5’7’’ 145 pounds Looking to add lean muscle mass. I would be happy with 10 pounds but 5 pounds is good enough! Here is the cycle i am putting together. Need your feedback on what you think Nutrobal mk677 25mgs EOD Ostarine mk2866 50mgs EOD Lgd4033 25mgs a day Pct: Clomid 25mgs 4 weeks...
  2. P

    doing a lighter cycle

    I just got done doing my trenbolone cycle and it went well. I put on about 9 lb and kept most of it. I'm up to 179 lb and I am 5'8 with around 11 or 12% body fat. I'm 28 years old now I would like to do something a bit more moderate my plan was stacking sustanon 2x per week and doing it that way...
  3. F

    Pct test boost

    I ran that running a testosterone booster and post Cycle Therapy was almost mandatory can you explain to me what difference would it make if I'm using clomid already since It is supposed to raise test on its own. Sounds like you are trying to sell supplements to unsuspecting people
  4. S

    pleased with syn pharma

    i got my pack within 7 days, not bad considering it was over a weekend and the post office is closed where i am. impressed with their professionalism. communication is smooth easy to order and email. products were packed well , nothing broke. i've ordered test E, nolva, clomid, eq and results...
  5. S

    new guy lurking found geneza pharma

    feel like i am ready for steroids finally, i’m in my 30’s and its gonna be my first cycle, i trust geneza brand great reviews with quality products and great package Delivery in 10 days from order to delivery I Ordered nolva, clomid, anavar, winstrol Product results and effectiveness was...
  6. F

    Coming off TRT

    My testosterone levels are currently around 550 to 600 area. I have been on testosterone replacement therapy for about 5 years. My doctor wants me to come off because I'm trying to get my wife pregnant. He wants to put me on a cocktail of clomid and hcg. He also wants me to take aromasin...
  7. M

    Post Cycle Therapy products

    what are the best products to run a post Cycle Therapy after my steroid cycle is over I'm already doing Clomid but I want to make sure I cover all bases I thought I saw a thread about the best testosterone boosters that you should be using. Can you explain why I should use one and are they worth it
  8. J

    first cycle plan

    I’m 27 years old 184 pounds 5’10’’ body fat was tested in the mid teens I am going to do test E @250mg twice a week. My pct is going to be clomid @50mg a day which will be 2 weeks after last injection I am training 5x per week religiously and my diet will be perfect. Any final tips before I...
  9. W

    Does geneza carry non steroid products?

    I’ve heard a lot of great things about geneza pharma GP brand. It is supposed to be the best brand out there. My question is do they sell non-steroid products such as a hcg, Clomid, and nolvadex, and other anti estrogen products or do they just specialize in steroids and I should look elsewhere
  10. H

    CLOMID ONLY cycle

    Hey guys, i know clomid can be used for pct but has any one tried clomid only cycle for boosting their testesterone? What would the cycle be like? Would they need pct for clomid cycle? Its beneficial knowledge as some one i know has a medical condition where he takes medixation for blood...
  11. R

    I have several questions about steroid use

    hello I'm hoping you guys can answer some questions I had about my upcoming cycle. I live in a hot climate and I'm wondering is it okay to store my vials of testosterone in the fridge. Can I also stack other steroids in with the testosterone in the same syringe. My final question is will I be...
  12. N

    Younger guy in sarms

    I'm a younger guy but I'm verry ripped already naturally. my full stats are 22, five foot six, 160 lb, and 8% body fat I think that I want to do GW 501 516 cardarine 20 mg a day mk-2866 ostarine 20 mg a day rad 140 10 mg a day PCT will be clomid and nolvadex Anyone have any other suggestions...
  13. K

    Steroid cycle and PCT advice

    34 years old third cycle, but my first two cycles I don't feel like I got all I could out of them because I didn't know what I was doing this time I want to make sure it's right I'm going to be running Sustanon 250 for 10 weeks at 500 mg a week PCT is where I think I can improve a lot right now...
  14. T

    21 year old sarm cycle

    21 years old 190 lb 16% body fat my goal is to lean down Build some muscle in the process and put on some strength looking to stack lgd 4033 for 12 weeks also I'm interested in using ostarine MK 25 mg a day my question is should I use the MK for 12 weeks or extended for 16 weeks Also is Clomid...
  15. A

    Using Clomid after cycle

    I have a question for you guys about using Clomid. I have been on 9 weeks of testosterone propionate I'm using half a CC of it daily. my results have been excellent but I have to come off because I may have to serve a jail sentence. I have 50mgs and 50 tabs of clomid, should i start on that...
  16. M

    using clomid for balls on cycle?

    I’m using testosterone @ 500mg a week with trenbolone @250mg a week. It has been 5 weeks on both of these with good results. I’m also using aromasin. My pumps are amazing on this stack, but my balls are shrinking. Should I use clomid on cycle to help reverse that I’m worried about shutdown.
  17. G

    sarm pct with nolvadex only?

    I read some guys using nolvadex tamoxifen only after pct for their sarms cycle, and other guys say you should also use clomid and stack them together. I also read a good sarms pct is GW cardarine + herbals. Which one do you think is best and why? Open to all suggestions here.
  18. W

    Using clomid as a cycle?

    Okay so don’t laugh but a friend of mine took some advice from a friend at the gym, a big meathead to run a clomid cycle where you do 100-200mg a day for 8 weeks. He said it helped him get stronger and boost testosterone levels. Is this safe and what can you expect with side effects doing this?
  19. B

    using clomid for HRT

    I’m 51 years old 6’2’’ 208 pounds. BMI is 25 I am doing a compound lifting routine 2-3X per week. I take multivitamins and do protein shakes daily. I started using clomidephine for HRT a year ago and so far so good, I feel good on it. My question is what can I add to it to help with libido...
  20. M

    proper sarm pct?

    Looking to use LGD4033 @20mg and MK677 nutrobal @10mg per day on both for 8 weeks my pct I was thinking of using is clomidephine clomid, gw cardarine and continue to MK677 nutrobal. Is this a good pct or try something else? My stats are 34 years old 12% body fat and this is my 3rd cycle.
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