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    Protein boost diet?

    not sure if you would call this a protein diet or a carnivore diet but I want to try it for the next month. Its gonna be chicken breast, brown rice, steak, beef, and some sliced turkey how much protein do you think would be the maximum I would need on the sort of diet per day
  2. D

    Carnivore diets?

    I see some social media you guys trying this outfits called a carnivore diet they try it out for a month and then do a video about their experiences what do you think about me trying this out what do you think will happen because they seem to just skip over the pertinent information just to...
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    steak vs. Organ

    organ from animals is really cheap but steak is so expensive. But what I find weird is that organ is way more healthier by far. Even those who push carnivore diets admit that organs are healthier. Just thought it was weird how healthy things are cheap but people complain about cost of meat...
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