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    Healthy carb options

    I read that there are really good carb options that we should be eating. what is your position on how many carbs that we should be taking in every day I know that things like rice and oatmeal is very popular in bodybuilding circles would you categorize these as the best carbs to get in our...
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    Protein puffs twin peaks

    Check out this product i just found online Twin Peaks low carb and keto friendly protein Puffs which have nacho cheese flavor it's 300 G with 21 grams of protein in only 2 G of carbs They are super addictive I love this stuff you should try out
  3. M

    Real food supplement powders rich piana

    Has anyone tried the rich piana 5% nutrition product called real carbs? It is a whole food complex carb product that you mix with milk or water. I am looking at the banana nut bread flavor My main concern is how it tastes and also if it's good for me
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    Meal supplements substitutions

    I'm looking for supplements that I can take with my meals to boost my protein intake and also help maybe with my carb intake is there anything also to increase your fat intake besides taking fish oil which gives me burps
  5. K

    N2slin and carb intake

    if I was to use n2slin how much carb intake am I supposed to get on it? am I supposed to purposefully consumed or carbs or should I just eat a normal style of dieting where I eat a 40/40/20 type of style to my macros? I'm trying to cut down.
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    Keto foods to eat

    What are the correct food I'm supposed to be eating if I follow a ketogenic diet? I know I'm supposed to stay away from Breads and other high carb foods. I picked up some blueberry muffins that said keto friendly. they taste kind of weird but is this actual keto buy stuff like this
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    Calorie and carb cycling daily

    what is your opinion about carb and calorie cycling everyday versus staying at the same number and eating at a maintenance toes. Wouldn't it make sense to do that versus just eating the same thing everyday. Because we don't burn the same amount of calories everyday
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    carb intake on nutrobal MK

    I want to try to use nutrobal MK677 solo on my next cycle. I am 26 years old and 8% body fat. I’m around 6 foot tall and 171 pounds. I want to add some clean muscle to my small frame. I am debating if I should run nutrobal and up my carbs and water intake, would that help me gain without...
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    Hows this recipe sound.

    I just got 2 lbs of extra lean ground turkey 1 lb of lean red meat an onion some black olives and mushrooms 4 egg whites and some meat loaf mix and made an awsome meat loaf! (lo carb organic marinara on top) any oppinions?:evil:
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    How should I be eating

    Hiya guys im pretty new here and I have some diet questions. Ive dropped 60 lbs basically eating like this breakfast 6-8 eggwhites and some fat free cottage cheese snack - isopure or twinlabs 40 gram lo carb protien shake lunch- 2 chicken breasts and some veges snack- isopure or twinlabs...
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