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    can I get a burger after a workout?

    I have a question about nutrition and working out. Today I went to the gym and I did 30 minutes on the treadmill at a fast walk got in a really good sweat and I got my heart rate up. After a workout like that would it be okay for me to go get a burger at a fast food joint? Would it affect my...
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    Burger recipe?

    I'm looking for a burger recipe that's healthy I'm going to the playoff game and we are going to be tailgating and I'm the one who's in charge of making the burgers. The people going to the game are all my co-workers and we're are all health-conscious because we work at the gym. I want to make...
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    grassfed beef benefits

    what are the benefits of switching to grassfed beef. And if so what do you guys usually get when it comes to beef? I like to myself a nice burger on the grill and looking to hear back some ideas from you all on what you buy.
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    how to make healthy burgers

    I was talking to a friend of mine who used to own a burger joint up north years ago and he was saying how his restaurant used to make healthy burgers and they had a good business going but it was pricey. Wouldn’t it be impossible to make a healthy burger if you are still using bread buns?
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