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    Bcaas vs. weight gainer

    Okay so let's say you wanted to gain a lot more size and you were a skinnier guy which one would you use if you had to pick between Branch chain amino acids and a weight gainer also I don't have much money so which one would be a cheaper option
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    BCAA’s you use

    Wanted to see which brand of BCAAs do you guys use I found one called 1st phorm and its $40 You're supposed to use it during your workout and it's supposed to help increase your muscle protein synthesis and your muscle growth. Before I spend the money on it do you think it's worth it
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    BCAA’s pills to take

    I am working out Everyday and I need something to help me during my workouts to recover because I'm sore and the muscles and I'm working out don't feel repaired in time time. do you think taking BCAAs is the best solution for this and how many do I take
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    First time with steroids female

    I’m 5’5’’ 131 pounds 25-30% body fat but not sure I've been training over a year and Left 4 times a week and do cardio 3 times a week. I do a lot of high-intensity cardio for 30 minutes each time. I also take BCAAs and creatine as my supplements. Don't want to gain weight I just want to trim up...
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    Anyone heard of SCAA’s?

    has anyone ever heard of taking SCAA’s and how they compared to BCAAs. An article said that using the silk version of amino acid are supposed to be better for performance and endurance. I haven't heard of these before on the Forum so wanted to check in with you guys and see if you also have...
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    BCAAs vs. protein

    if you had to make a decision on which supplement to buy between BCAAs and protein which one would you go with. I already have a very high protein diet I usually get at least 250 grams per day. So is it necessary to use both of these supplements or can I just pick one and roll with that and...
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