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    Hurt back while painting

    I ended up painting my ceiling and in the process I ended up hurting my back this really sucks because I was looking forward to doing a weight training session and when I went to lift weights I felt something pop in my back I'm going to take a week off and see where I am but during that week I...
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    Healing back from deadlifting?

    I am recovering from a lot of back pain that I've suffered through. I've been to every doctor you can imagine and I got a little bit better over the span of six months but still never 100%. They said there was nothing wrong and i went ahead and started lifting again. It's been about 2 weeks and...
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    What do you all think about my weekly work-out?

    I focus on one muscle group per day- note I am female. Biceps- Standing Barbell curls Alternating Barbell curls Hammer Curl Supinated Bent Rows Chin ups 10X4 Back- Pull ups Deadlifts Lat Pull Down Bar Standing Pulldowns Bent Over Rows Barbell Shrugs Seated Cable Row Chest- Bench Press...
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    I want to get back to business

    Hey all, It's been a while since I've posted or even since I've been to the gym. I started lifting at 17, I was fat, and unfit. I'm now 20, and since being getting with my girlfriend 10 months ago things have gone downhill, you know how it is, you don't seem to care as much, good eating...
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