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ancient strength

  1. C

    Ancient strength vs. 3d Multi

    let's say I wanted to take a supplement to help my overall health would you recommend taking ancient strength or would you recommend taking 3 the multi both of them are pretty cheap and both of them are sold on here
  2. The Instrumentalist

    HCGenerate + Phytoserms STACK - dosage??

    Waiting for my HCGenerate, Ancient Strength, and Phytoserms in the mail. Has anyone run both the HCGen and Phytoserms alongside each other that can chime in about their dosages, etc. Also, how should I expect to feel after the 30-day cycle of this monster stack? All input is appreciated!!
  3. The Instrumentalist

    HCGenerate, gear, and Ancient Strength

    Hi guys, Just wanted to get some feedback from some of the bros about a supp stack i'd like to start in the new year to keep increasing strength while burning fat on a low-cal diet. i'm thinking just 4 straight weeks of HCGenerate gear Ancient Strength I'd love to add in Need2Slin but it's...
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