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  • damn nans.. well if u need any help you know Im the guy u should be talking to to really get his test levels up. there are other/better options than just injecting str8 test....
    His morning Test levels were 151 :worried: Dr put him on 200mg every 3 weeks and it didnt do shit so he moved him to 400mg every 3 weeks and he sees minimum improvement, he's still pretty tired but I can see improvements in his libido and energy levels so we're waiting to see how it works out, I'm getting it at least once a week(sometimes 3-4 times a week!) which is huge compared to once a month or bimonthly we had before
    Thank god he finally came around! What was the major factor? I KNOW you are always willing to give up the booty so thats not it... did you get him on test? Seriously gotta get this group together.... I know traz wants to drive.... would basically be the most epic,hot,depraved, animalistic episode of our lives. I can guarantee that
    LOL, my husband is putting out like a cheap whore now :D
    I'm still in for a Rachel/Wulfgar/Traz meat up :evil: :chomp: :D
    Shirls last I heard this place was a graveyard because everyone got banned or left! So I didnt bother comin back! Then I had lunch with Tom and he filled me in and told me I should stop by. So here I am! Question is why arnt you out HERE, in cali, visiting ME! :)
    LIES! but seriously...where the fuck have you been? me and ceo were just talking about you having possibly done certain compounds in the past...but really? where have you been?
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