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  • WPA, Here is some more info that I may have left out from my post about you reviewing first cycles for newbies. I'm 45yo, 6'2'', 245, bf% no idea. I've trained for sports thru school and on and off since then. I'm based in FL for next 4-5 months and want to utilize the gym hard so I've got a trainer and this is my first cycle ever. I've included it in the forum. Looking forward to hearing from you and thanks again.
    Hi Wolfpack, thanks so much for taking the time to help us new guys out. It seems like the more I read and research the more confusing and scary it is. The advice you guys give is paramount to our future success. Can't wait to hear from you.
    Hey bro i had a question for you. I have had gyno for about over a year now, I saw this thread and bought myself some letro nolva dos and that hcg. I am 23 years old, I'm in my 3rd week now and I know the article says you need to taper up and down the dose, but honestly I haven't seen results or any improvement in my chest shrinking I was wondering if I should order some more and try to run a few more weeks ? I take my dosages in the morning first thing I wake up before I eat breakfast. I split the nolva at morning and at night. Any other advice bro ??
    How long should I take the steroids for I have muscles but legs not great ankles to skinny I play football but have now tackled and on purpose injured other sides markers my patience is minimum I get physically abusive and due to much work I am big up top is this normal my anger at guys who p me off
    Hi im planning my first cycle and wanted to see if you had any advice for me.if you had time would you look at my cycle plan and pct and let me know what you send you my cycle plan if your able to help me.thanks for your time.
    Thank u for the cycle advise I'm Goin to run with it..just a quick question I have used dbl test deca before the prop tren cycle and never used arimodex at any time..u say to use 1mg Ed for the first 4 weeks is that not to much usually I see people say eod and at a Lower dosage at that. I have adex on hand but don't want to take meds I don't need. Thank u wolfpack!
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