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  • Haha thanks. For the most part I just look at the records and maybe a little bit online. It gives me a team to cheer for when I'm betting on them.
    lol @ you making fun. Way to go out on a limb there wb with Caps and Canucks. Not much of a payout but should be safe. Talk some hockey in playoff thread.
    Hex!?...i wouldn't hex u wb. I'm pulling for you to get back your winning ways so I don't have to keep supporting your broke ass.
    another safe one WB and habs almost upset. Big move by T.O. but who's gonna score now?
    lol...a mill on the carolina wb?

    I'm sending your k hits directly to hurricane from now on.:D
    you'll never go K broke wb. You don't have to come all the way back in one day.
    Patience grasshopper.
    damn bro sorry. it's the ups and downs of gambling. you're real hot one day and cold the next. you'll bounce back up quick though. i said in the thread couldn't think of a good reason for them not to was good for both of us!
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