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  • Hey dude... Mind telling me how you overcame the gyno?

    "take the nola unless you want lumpy bannana tits! I just beat the shit out of a nasty case of gyno."

    I have destinct pointy to the side nipples... or down nipples with puffyness.. I have tried everything expect for Letro.. Adex, Proviron, Nolva and at scary doses too 100mg nolva a day for 2/3 weeks didn't even fix it.. I came to realize to late..I really dont want to go under the knife also because it costs are to much for what I can afford... but I honestly hate it. and it really just bumbs me out with all the hard work I put in..

    schweeeet man!
    Would you mind tossin me a link to ur favorite pharma letro. I've tried 3 research chem letro's and they were either completely fake or severly underdosed. The only legit research chem letro I ever found was from AG-Guys but they are no good anymore. Thanks if you can, bro. - [email protected]
    Hey man. I read your post about Letro and you said you use a pharma letro to get rid of a little gyno. I want to use some letro to clear a little puffyness but I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction to get some pharma brand.
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