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  • I decided this post was inappropriate for your thread about men being happier people, but I wanted to say this:

    I can assure you, any postmenstrual woman who has had her testosterone defiency replenished would be able to confirm your thread title :qt:

    I loved being on a mild dose of testosterone daily, did it for about three months, it basically tripled my natural levels, once I got past the occasional anger flashes, it was wonderful ... then my hair started falling out. I just didn't think I could pull the Vin Diesel look, so I only supplement for part of the month, now.

    That being said, any man who is low in testosterone is at risk for depression. What's so sad is family doctors will often just treat the depression without testing hormones ... and even if they test hormones, if the man's levels are LOW but still within normal range most GPs will not think to recommend he go on HRT.
    Google subcutaneous injections, read a couple of different articles, and then do a Google images for subcutaneous injection sites, make sure you're looking at the images for a man vs. woman, the sites are slightly different. From my personal experience, back of the arm hurts and is liable to stay sore (plus, tough to do by yourself). I've heard quad shots are the most painful (I can't pinch anything there at all so that's out of the question). For stomach shots, if you get a 1/2" long 28 g. needle it's not much of a big deal and you needn't worry, there's no way you can hit anything vital or any veins or arteries. You take a pinch of skin, stick the needle straight in at a 90 degree angle, inject. You don't aspirate with subcutaneous injections.

    He's not up to 2x a day shots yet, he only started Sunday with 1/2 doses, but he already is noticing he generally "feels better." He's been on TRT for years now, I think it's going to be a really good combo. I'll start him on 2x a day full shots on Saturday, I want to make sure this stuff isn't knocking him out (I gave him a 1/2 morning dose last Sunday and he virtually slept all day, I want to make sure he's acclimated before I do that again and I don't want him falling asleep behind the wheel). You do need to sort of ramp it up and I think as the "researcher" is older you need to be even more careful. I once ran across a chart that showed how much your GH levels drop as you age and at 46 I literally have less than half of what I had at 20.

    Now, the really INTERESTING part, apparently GH levels are directly linked to sex hormone levels. Combining the two is like a 1-2 punch.

    I don't notice a lot of fat loss, but my husband says there's a difference. I do think I look better, it's real subtle though. My skin looks "fresher" hard to describe. I feel like I look better, if that makes sense.
    It's his "e-persona" :lmao: Don't let him get to you. He's been banned I don't know how many times, they let him back. There has to be a shit stirrer in the mix or the place goes stagnant.

    Word on the circuit is that IRL he's actually an alright "good ol' boy" (Shirlene said his accent is so thick he sounds like he fell off the collard green truck).
    Well said. See, he had a whole lot of "issues," virtually every single one of which I could live with, if he would have said, with sincerity "I'm wrong" (when he actually was, I mean). He was so damned insecure that it was crippling, and what's funny is he's naturally a big, athletic dude (6'5" and 250 and quick and agile). He had no reason to feel so inadequate.

    He was a pathological liar. When I caught him in a lie (and he lied about the dumbest frigging things, that's the killer part) he'd deny it. Between that and the fact he was a shitty father, I lost all respect for him and that was it, there was no recovering. The marriage became a facade and I stayed around until I had enough money together to get me and my kid out :whatever:
    Now, here's the real irony of the whole first marriage ... IF my husband had been willing to confront the problems that were irritating me and actually make some changes, I never would have fallen in love with another man!
    Women are more emotional than men, that's a fact (as much as most of us hate to admit it). But not all of us are purely emotional, some of us can be quite objective about what we're feeling and recognize what makes us feel a certain way. So, the better you understand something, the easier it is for you to control and manipulate it, a fact true about a lot of things -- emotions included. I knew that my husband was aware of the fact our marriage was in trouble. I also knew he wouldn't dare confront the matter head on because he was terrified of hearing the four words he couldn't face (i.e., I want a divorce). The bitchier I was, the more space he gave me, because it was emotionally the only choice he could make.
    I'm far, far, far from an expert on peptides. Honestly, I just asked around from people who are more experienced and figured out what to take (CJC-1295/no DAC and Ipamorelin), how much to take (100 micrograms of each, 2x daily - first thing in the morning, last thing before bed, subq), how long to take it (as long as my budget allows), and where to get it (I shop at Extreme Peptides) and went ahead from there.
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