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womens fitness

  1. J

    Women + Var and Lipo

    STATS 5'6 145pds 17% bf 33-24-38 I'm new to this lol... I work out consistantly 5 days a week Workouts usually consist of 20-30mins HIIT running or stairmaster ( Recently changed from long cardio sessions(30-45-1hr low intensisty) Followed by a solid 40min weight session and love doing...
  2. K

    First time clen user please help!

    I just recently got liquid clen (200mcg/ml) and liquid t3 (100mcg/ml) I am a 5'6 femaleand weight 140lbs, I want to lose some excess baby weight and am wondering how much I should take and what an ideal cycle would look like for me? Should I take clen only for the first cycle and then both for...
  3. M

    Women's health and fitness magazine ideas

    Hi, As part of my final year at uni I have to make a magazine. I love health and fitness so want to create one based on women's health and fitness. There are so many out in the market now that I need some ideas to make one that would (hypothetically) stand out from the others that already...
  4. S

    Why womens lose weight slower and harder than mens! Hint - Leptin!

    Hello Girls, I recently read an article on why womens lose weight slower and harder than mens. This was mind blowing for me. After years of struggling I finaly understand the lack of results with any Diet I used. They say there is one major hormone that controls our ability to lose fat fast...
  5. Jennifer.B

    Thinking of getting T3....Need Advice

    I've never talked to anyone that's ever taken T3 before, and Im thinking of trying it for the first time. If you took it before, how did you like it? and what dosages did you start with? Thanks!:wavey:
  6. therugger

    Women supplements

    I mentioned in my intro I'm helping a handful of girls I work with get acclaimated in the gym. They are crazy motivated which makes it fun. They are interested in supplements. I know what is and what isn't eefective but was wondering if there were differences in suppliments for women. It's...
  7. N

    is 2iu hgh too much for girl?

    please help,thanks
  8. Jennifer.B

    Quads and Hamstring training Advice?

    I was hoping some of you could give me some training advice, with legs. Which is my least fav body part to work out.. I'm happy with everything on my body and how I train them, but legs still need improvement, to my standards at least. My calves are pretty muscular, that's not so much a...
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