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    what kinds of sauces do you add to meat options?

    I’m trying to eat healthier and avoid the restaurant food this means I’m making my own chicken, red meat, and turkey at home it’s pretty bland to eat it plain so I’m wondering what kind of sauces do you guys like to add to your protein options when you’re cooking them to make them more appealing
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    How hard is it to make turkey?

    I went through a Thanksgiving dinner and a person cooked a big turkey and fed about eight of us. It was so good and moist what is the secret to cooking a great turkey and how hard is it for me to make it at home myself? do I need an oven to cook 1
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    Fake turkish sus?

    Hey guys i recently got a 10ml vial of Sustanon 250 from a buddy who got it online from turkey. He was scared to take it because it looks like it may be fake. It has a white label that says Sustanon 250 and the diff types of test in it, but there is no batch number and no expiration number and...
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