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    mercury in seafood

    I can remember a few years ago they were telling people to limit tuna due to mercury and that pregnant women shouldn’t mess with it. Is that still true today or did they clean the oceans up ? I like tuna a lot, so cheap to buy a can for $1 and eat that for lunch in a pinch
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    Tuna sandwich recipe thoughts

    Check out this tuna recipe that I put together and tell me what you think about it 2 small cans of tuna no salt or oil 2 small avocado Mayo Ezekiel bread Mix up in bowl and then spread onto bread. Serves 4 people if you ever have a workout day with a group. Great post workout meal!
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    Allergic to tuna?

    I have been eating tuna almost every day because it's cheap and it has a lot of good protein for me. I started noticing though that I am getting rashes on my body about 30 minutes after eating it out of the can over the past week. The weird thing is when I eat it regularly it's not happening...
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    Meal plan pros and cons

    Here is my meal plan and an example of what i ate today. Tell me if its good or bad, each meal is below i had 6 total Whey isolate and sports drink ground beef, salad, bread chicken, rice, broccoli Tuna and bread 12 egg whites and berries Ground beef with broccoli I am looking to cut up...
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    How much tuna is too much

    so I can of tuna cost under $2 and it's enough for me to eat a meal out of. That's pretty cheap so I've been eating a can every day and it's been saving me a lot of money. I get the tuna that is just water added and no salt or oil. I know that mercury is a problem so can you give me your...
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    Canned meat

    I really don't have time to cook working two different jobs and a family at home. I'm a single father so I don't really have much options when it comes to time if you know what I mean. Would it be okay to eat canned Meats like canned chicken and canned beef or tuna or is it better to just make...
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    Cleaning up my diet for a bulk

    dieting has always been my hard thing to do. Some of my meals that I've been eating the past few days I'll give you an example and you tell me what I can improve on. French bread with tuna, Jack potato with cheese, egg whites and cranberry juice, breaded fish baked. are these nutritious or...
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    canned tuna

    I’ve been really busy for the past few months with work trying to make as much money as I can, so I’ve been eating canned tuna. I eat about 5 cans a day of it, cheap and a lot of protein. What are your thoughts? I have wondered though how bad is this for me since you hear about mercury and how...
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