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steriod advice

  1. Adel20

    Trusted brands ?!!

    Bros, What is the most trusted brand you getting your stuff nowadays? I didn’t use any since 8 years ago and I don’t have the updates which brands or companies are trusted today! now I’m about to go back on the track. If somebody knows a trusted source in Germany please share it asap Tall...
  2. J

    Need some advice on my cycle

    Im starting my first cycle soon and I want to get the most advice possible before I start. Im going with Deca Durabolin 300 mg and Testosterone Cypionate 300 mg. Im gonna take half a CC every other day. Would that be fine? Im 5'8" 195 lbs and 22 years old. I think I just want to do one or two...
  3. I

    First Time steroid Use..need help.

    hi to all. any vital guidance will be highly appreciated. with some suggestions, i have just ordered, A-drol,Tren and Clenn-max to stack all. i am 34 years old 160 pounds, 5 feet 8 inch height with 17 to 18% body fat. i do good workout 5 days in a week. i have decided to bulk up fast nicely with...
  4. K

    next cycle advice ?

    Cycle Week 1-12 = test e 500mg per week Week 1-4 = turinabol 60mg ed Week 8-12 = anavar 60 mg ed Week 1-4 & 8-12 = n2guard or cel cycle assist Week 1-14= armidex 0.5mg eod Week 7-11 = Hcg 500iu per week Week 12 = hcg 1000iu per week Pct Nolvadex 40,40,20,20 Clomid 50,50,50,50 What's...
  5. K

    med tech solutions (mts)

    Hey guys, What are your opinions on Med tech gear especially the orals and how would they compare to like other labs like alphapharma etc. Any of you guys got any expierance ? Thanks
  6. K

    test e, dianabol, anavar cycle ADVICE PLEASE

    Hi guys, About to start this cycle and would like advice on how I could imI can rove it etc... Week 1-10 = test e 500mg (250 mg Mon/thur) Week 1-3 = dianabol 30mg ed Week 6-10 = anavar 40 mg ed aswell 200 mg of caffeine to help absorption Week 3-10 = hcg 500iu (250iu Mon/thur) if I notice any...
  7. S

    Test E First Cycle HELP!

    Im confused on my pct could you please help me out, im doing my firstcycle 10 weeks on just straight Test E just started yesterday 300mg 2 times a week i want to know when to start doing my pct are you able to run the pct while taking the test and come off, or do i have to get completely off...
  8. T

    Cycle Without Too Much Hair loss

    Hey there guys, Was hoping you could maybe pass on some expertise and advice when it comes to a decent cycle that won’t affect my hair loss to much as I am a bit predisposed to MPB I think. My hair started to recced and thin a little at about 21years old but seems to have come to a halt (I...
  9. H

    Test Tren Stack.... THOUGHTS/Advice

    Stats- Age- 23 Weight- 200 Height- 6.3 BF- 12% BMI- 24.5% 2nd cycle. Training- 3 years consistent training Supps- Karbolyn, casein protein, whey protein, bcaa. Diet- Morning- cup of oatmeal, one whole egg and 2 egg whites Snack- giant natural peanut butter/jelly and fruit Lunch- turkey, lean...
  10. D

    Testoviron 500mg a week

    Hi guys, this is my first cycle and aready half way throuhg it running it for 12 weeks im using : 500mg test a week ( monday & thursday ) PCT is Clomid 150mg day 1 then 100mg for 7 days and then 50mg for 14 days (say 20 days after last injection ) im just alil worried about Gyno, no...
  11. M

    CAn i use steroids

    Hello DEAR I Hope u are the Guy whom i am searching for who can help me Out ... I am looking forward for your help i am 23 years old and i have a 43 kg of weight and i need to gain weight so i wanted to ask you about Deca and Dana Bol how to used them and how much it would be...
  12. T

    sus 250, anodrol 25, (anastrozole 1 for help) .... Good stack

    Im trying to lean up.... Im dieting, working out hard, and have started the sus 250 once ( Advice I got was 2x week)... anastrozole once ( 1 x a week in future) and Ive taken the anadrol twice so far ( advice was 1 cap 5x weekly) . Im in my 30's and my T level was checked the other day...
  13. T

    Im new on here Need some advice.... humbly asking

    sus 250 adrol benefits.. what to expect
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