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    GW 20mgs a day with RAD + S4

    looking to try andarine S4. I know about the vision issues but I’m okay with taking that chance. My stats are 25 years old, 5’7’’ 190 pounds and my goals are gaining more weight without body fat. RAD and S4 seems like a good stack, and then adding in GW 20mgs a day. What dose should I do the RAD...
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    how to get the most out of sarms stack

    I’m going to be starting my next sarms stack and was hoping you can lend me some tips on how I can get the very most out of my next stack its going to be LGD, RAD and SR looking to do a recomposition I’m currently 17 percent body fat and I’m 217 pounds and 6 foot 1 inch what tips can you give me...
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    how to use RAD, S23 and LGD together

    so I’m 22 years old and an aspiring model I moved to LA and working with an agent for some gigs. I have to stay in great shape pretty much year round. Diet is already solid and I am a really skinny guy so I have room to build up some muscle the cycle I wanted to do was: s23 10mgs a day rad 5mgs...
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    do sarms ruin fertility?

    Would it be safe to use sarm if I’m worried about my fertility 35 years old and my wife wants to have a baby but I want to have muscles she said I could use them as long as they didn’t mess with my fertility which sarms would you recommend I use for more muscle mass and limited sides? 210 pounds...
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    sarms and eating in a deficit

    a friend of mine said that he ran sarms and ate in a deficit and he was able to gain weight and muscle anyway he even said that his strength went up like 10 lbs I’m looking to do something like this as well but I would like to burn body fat he did RAD and YK11. Should I add in GW to this stack...
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    Ostarine and RAD stack well or something else?

    What are your thoughts on stacking ostarine and RAD together? Right now the ostarine i am on is 25mgs a day. If i were to up it to 50mgs and add in RAD140 at 20mgs a day would that be a good stack for recovery and bulking? Or should i go with stacking ostarine with GW instead? I’m 22 years old...
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    Cardarine GW and rad with what?

    I’m looking to get some lean muscle mass, don’t want to gain an ounce of fat though Figured this stack would work well, tell me what i can do better Stats: 27, 5’10’’ 210 pounds. 22% bf Workouts: cardio and weights 4x per week Calories: 2200 cals per day deficit Stack: GW 10mgs a day RAD140...
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    Going with rad this time?

    I was debating which sarms to use I was going to use lgd 4033 but I decided that I wanted to try rad 140 for the first time how long should I run the rad 140 solo and what else would you recommend I use in terms of supplementation on the cycle? I’m 53 years old, 5’8’’ 188 pounds and want to...
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    GW works well with RAD?

    I'm trying to see something that I could stack in with rad 140 I am doing it 10mgs a day for 9 weeks do you think that GW cardarine would stack in with it or should I try something else? Looking to get recovery and fat loss I’m 5’8’’ and 176 pounds, 27 years old
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    bad cramps on sarms

    I started my first sarms cycle and am doing RAD140 and Cardarine GW501516, doing the RAD 5mg a day and the cardarine at 10mg a day. I am getting really bad cramps like contractions and I feel like I want to throw up. Started taking these 3 days again. Is there something I can do to prevent...
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    RAD and LGD difference

    Hey I just watched some videos online about LGD4033 anabolicum it is called and RAD140 testolone. They said these were the 2 most popular steroids out there. Can anyone explain the differences between the two and which would be best to run solo for a cycle for 12 weeks?
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    RAD + MK-677 cycle

    I am running MK677 Nutrobal for 12 weeks with RAD140. Was thinking about doing keeping the nutrobal at 50mg a day and then doing the RAD at 40mg a day. So far I am keeping the dosages a bit lower. After my workouts I had some crazy good pumps, and I have been sleeping hard, nothing is waking...
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