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    help with crippling pumps

    I’m on test and dbol and the pumps are absurdly bad had no idea this would happen so did some research and found out it’s quite common because blood is rushing to the muscle my calves feel like they’re gonna explode when I do post-workout cardio I have to get on the ground and cry it hurts so...
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    Running with sarms

    I thought I read one of the mods on here runs every day and he uses sarms My question is I tried them before and I was getting some really bad pumps and my heart rate was speeding up on them. I'm wondering maybe I was using fake stuff or what was going on. Is that normal to get that granted...
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    Bad pumps on clenbuterol

    Hey I am using clenbuterol doing the 2 week on and 2 week off thing. I am currently on my 2nd run and 1 week into it and the pumps are getting ridiculous. At first I thought they were my kidney’s and something major was wrong but then I read about pumps from clen. How do I help this issue?
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    What is the best supplement stack for weight gain/increasing strength

    I have been considering taking a supplement stack and not sure which one I should take. My friend is currently using usp's which includes prime, jack3d, etc. He recommended bsn's. What are your thoughts?
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