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protein shakes

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    When to take protein shakes

    how long after my workout do I need to take protein shake so I don't lose my gains? I was watching a video online and the guy was saying that you should do it right away after your workout or you'll lose your muscle that you work so hard for. He recommended his product so I bought a couple...
  2. M

    Protein shakes in the fridge

    I like to drink my protein shakes cold and my ice maker at home does not work and besides I like it in the fridge better anyway than throwing some ice in it and getting it cold quickly. Would it be okay if I made my shake and put it in the fridge and then drink it as soon as I got home
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    Intense cramping and bloating with diet

    I started eating a lot more protein and getting a lot more protein shakes in my diet. The problem is I'm starting to experience a lot of bloating and cramping on a daily basis. I seem to be going to the bathroom a lot more often too. Do you think that it's from adding so much protein to my diet...
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    What do you think about protein shakes

    I got a blender for my birthday that my girlfriend got For me and I've been using it the past few days and have come up with different recipes for the smoothies are making. I'm adding several types of fruit, milk, and protein powder to it chocolate flavored and it tastes pretty good. The only...
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    Stopping protein shakes

    for the past year I've been using protein shakes everyday and I am up to my weight goal. I'm on a very tight budget as a college student and I can't waste any more money on supplements. What can I do to keep the weight I put on without having to depend on protein shakes anymore
  6. Z

    Protein shakes for ectomorph

    hey I am an ectomorph I'm really skinny I'm about a 135 pounds only. I'm looking into using protein shakes or muscle shakes that bulk I have been training for one year and then some I've gained maybe about 10 lb so far. Can you recommend a shake that I can add to my diet oh, I've been eating...
  7. K

    cutting out protein shakes help

    I decided 2 weeks ago to stop drinking protein shakes and my stomach feels a lot better. My concern though is will I still be okay weight training without the extra protein? If not do I need to find another supplement to put in its place or maybe take something like BCAA’s or creatine? It was...
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    when to use protein shakes?

    I need help figuring out the best time to take my protein shakes. I will tell you my typical workouts. when should i slip in that protein shakes for max absorption? my usual thing is a tough weight training session where i cannot even move, then i take a break and then do 45 minutes of cardio.
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    When to drink shake while lifting?

    Hey guys, sorry this is my first post, I may have put this in the wrong thread. You can move it if it's wrong. I have a quick question about drinking protein shakes with my workout. 4 days a week I have a pretty intense weight lifting session at the gym, followed by usually 20-30 minutes of...
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