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    older female PED solutions

    I’m an older female 55 years old been in fitness for 30 some years what are the best PED’s for someone my age to improve my health and performance? I’m currently in the gym and yoga studio a combination of 6x a week so I take it very serious
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    Weight loss PED recommendations for women

    I'm looking for a list and maybe a setup of a PED program i can do to help me lose weight I have a wedding I am going to in 2 months and i want to look good for it maybe you can recommend an 8-week run. I’m 5’8’’ and 184 pounds. If i can lose 30-40 pounds would be great
  3. JimAbs43 479 Everything about Steroid Cycles for women and new PED users. 479 Everything about Steroid Cycles for women and new PED users.
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    Female Body fat loss stack

    I got my body fat measured at the gym end the trainer said I was at 21% which is pretty good for a female he said that most females anything less than 25% is considered good I would like to get my number lower maybe down to 18% what are the best PED’s i can stack that won’t give me side effects...
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    Female runner needs tips

    I am a female Runner who does Endurance Sports I've competed in various competitions over the past 10 years I know some of the people I am against are using PED’s I've used them myself but never from good sources so I think I used fakes in the past can you give me a protocol that I...
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    What do fitness models eat and use?

    what is your theory on what fitness models use in terms of PED’s, steroids, etc. and what they are eating to achieve those types of bodies? I’m 5’5’’ 135 pounds I'm pretty average but I do work out in the gym a few times a week. I would love to attract the same attention as these...
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    female emotional issues on PED’s

    I notice when I am on PED’s I get more emotional about things my boyfriend likes to play jokes on me and I used to think it was fun and cute, but now I get very upset by it and have to leave the room and cry on my own. The next day I am better. Is this from steroids and is it normal? a
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    Advice for my daughter

    my daughter is about five foot six inches and weighs about 180 lbs I'm trying to get her into better shape and she's willing to do it. The problem is her work is very sedentary and she doesn't move around much. I'm trying to get her in better shape but it's a struggle because she doesn't have...
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    Female fighters

    I was watching a show with my boyfriend and after they started doing martial arts fighting UFC there were women actually they're fighting which I was shocked to see what do you think these women are using in terms of steroids and other PED’s? they seem to be extra aggressive
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    Want to grow my calves

    I'm a female who has really tiny legs. My calves are really skinny and it's embarrassing because the rest of my body is pretty thick. I've got a pretty muscular upper body but no legs. I'm tall for a girl over 6ft tall. What PED’s will help me grow thicker legs but not cause me to grow a...
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    clenbuterol female dose

    looking for help with clen as a female I’m 5’1’’ 160 pounds want to lose about 40 pounds never used it before and never tried any sort of PED before what would you do in my situation ? How much do I use and forhow long.
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