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    Still eating oatmeal?

    I had a question about oatmeal Are you all still eating it or is it one of those things where it was a fad for years and now people dont 2nd part of the question is if you do eat oatmeal are you eating them by themselves or are you flavoring them with things like brown sugar etc.
  2. Y

    Jay Cutler breakfast?

    Has anyone tried the Jay Cutler breakfast ? how did it work for you? I want to wake up and train early, then eat it 2 eggs Protein shake Egg whites Ezekiel bread Oatmeal Then next meal chicken and rice
  3. E

    Best breakfast choices

    Just curious What you guys are eating for breakfast this morning I had cinnamon flavored protein powder and I had oatmeal. Only 400 calories and has 50 g of protein. What do you eat for breakfast and what did you have this morning just curious?
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    Basic bodybuilding Foods

    so I came up with some basic bodybuilding Foods and wanted to know if you experts on here I think if I just stick to this I can gain muscle and lose fat no problem Oatmeal Chicken Beef Rice Brocolli Juice Water Coffee Am i missing something important here?
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    How to make oatmeal taste better

    I wanted to see what you recommended to add to raw oats to make them taste better without ruining the nutrition. Obviously any idiot can add sugar to it and make it taste good but doesn't that defeat the whole purpose. what kind of things do you like to add to oatmeal to give it some taste cuz I...
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