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    Cuban food healthy?

    I went out on a date in the girl wanted to go to a Cuban restaurant I had never eaten this food before. I can say that it was really good but my question is is this stuff healthy if I start making it at home. it was a lot of meat, rice and a lot of things like plantains and stuff like that
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    best lean meats to eat

    I’m looking to eat some leaner meat. Would chicken and fish be the best options for me and how do I know when I am picking out meat which ones to get? The reason I want to get leaner cuts of meat is I want to trim up. I am getting too fat
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    Red meat consumption

    how often do you guys mess around with red meat and is it okay to eat it everyday. I don't have any particular weight gain or loss goals but I do want to stay healthy and maintain a strong gut. I've had issues in the past with eating the same food everyday so I'm looking for options
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    Red meat

    I'm looking to add some more muscle, mostly eating chicken, tuna, turkey, and pork. Some guy say I should be eating more red meat twice a week. they say I should avoid the fatty cuts and eat the lean red meat. Author say you should avoid red meat because it takes a long time to process it. What...
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    too much fat from meat?

    I always track and weigh what I eat, that isn’t a problem at all and I live by what my food scale says. I am just curious about the fat content in meat. I am a hunter and always have plenty of meat on hand which I cook full bones and all in pots, slow cooking. Living in Arkansas I got access...
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    first time meal prepping tips

    I get my meat from a local butcher shop but I get my other stuff from the grocery store, I decided to put together a meal prep for the next few days. I got aluminum containers and loaded up a dozen chicken breasts, cups of rice, and frozen veggies. It took about 3 hours to cook it all and put...
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    getting big with less meat

    Right now I am getting my protein from eggs, beans, cheese, liquid egg whites and the like. I try and hit my protein macro of 200g+ a day but it is hard this way. I used to eat a lot of meat and frankly it disgusts me doing it everyday and gets expensive, I do eat a burger and chicken a few...
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