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    Tren hex with proviron?

    I’m gonna be using tren hex this time. 200mgs a week with 100mgs a day proviron. Or do you think i should run 100mgs EOD of proviron instead of daily? My main objective is strength and size, but also want to get more hard and Vascular as well would love to get some ABS popping and get some veins...
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    Tri-tren from napsgear

    I am interested in getting tri-tren. Which is the best brand to use on there and has anyone on here ever tried it before? It is a mix of acetate, hex, and enanthate. That is obvious, but did you notice a lot of sides and results on it or was it like regular trenbolone?
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    ADVICE: Tren Hex with Tren E cycle should I take AI?

    Hello people. I hope all is well. This is my first post. I have been reading a lot and wanted to post what I will be doing starting next week and wanted to make sure that I have all bases convered. Also I've done a cycle 5 years ago can't remember what I did because I was just following a...
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    Ok, so I'm planning to start my third cycle. I'm 29 5'10 168 15 (guess)% bf currently. I've done two cycles before (6 weeks tren ace solo about a 18 mos ago then 6 weeks of hgh with halo about 6 mos ago...rookie mistakes). Anyway, would appreciate any feedback or advice you could offer. My plan...
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