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    headaches on cycle normal ?

    I’m getting some headaches on my steroid cycle and I’m wondering if that is normal or not been sweating a lot And perhaps not getting enough water but still the headaches are out of control is there a supplement that you would recommend to help with the headaches or is this something that you...
  2. P

    Dealing with testosterone prop headaches

    well I'm dealing with testosterone propionate headaches but not the headaches that you guys will assume I'm talking about I'm doing 50mg per day and the post injection pain is so bad that it is literally a headache I'm 3 weeks into this cycle and I really want to stop taking the stuff...
  3. E

    Getting headaches on Clen

    I have been on Clen for two weeks and I am starting to get really bad headaches especially during and after a workout or when I have sex. I am using 80 micrograms per day and getting good results so I don't want to stop. How are you dealing with the headache on this drug
  4. B

    Creatine headaches

    I have been taking creatine for 3 weeks and a week ago I started getting really bad headaches at night which I can't get rid of no matter what I take for it. Why do you think this is happening and why would creatine cause headaches and should I try stopping the creatine to see if they go away
  5. M

    Balancing blood sugar

    How do you check your blood sugar that it is balanced during the day. Would not getting enough sugar cause me to get tired and fatigued during and after a workout on certain days of the week. I'm not talking about I'm just feeling run down after work out but I'm talking about passing out and...
  6. L

    getting tension/cluster headaches on cycle

    Hey ladies and gents, I’m a Female who is 33 years old and I’ve been training for 10 years. I am running a low dosage of winstrol winny and 3 weeks into it I started to get cluster headaches especially around my workouts. What could be going on? The only history I have had of this is like once...
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