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  1. Y

    Supplements for fiber

    I’m looking for Your thoughts and opinions on the best supplements for boosting fiber in the body so far I'm looking at several different brands Fibermend by thorne Multi fiber powder 1st phorm Balance of nature fiber Raw organic fiber by garden of life are any of these any good or should I try...
  2. K

    Boosting fiber intake

    my doctor said that I need to improve my fiber intake because of some of my issues I've been having which supplements would you say would work best for the gut when it comes to more fiber intake I don't eat very many fruits or vegetables I guess
  3. J

    Fiber supplements?

    is there a fiber supplement that you are using and recommend Or should I just get some psyllium husk and add that to my meals? I'm having a hard time going to the bathroom and my doctor said it might be because of a lack of fiber so I want to try this
  4. T

    fiber supplements

    how many of you take fiber supplements and what does it run you every month? I had a septic guy drain my tank and he mentioned based on looking in it that I needed to get in more fiber. Not sure if he was joking or what but I think he might be right. Which ones do your use.
  5. G

    flax seed purpose

    I keep hearing guys mentioning you need flax seed in your diet, I don’t understand why. Is it because it is high in fiber or is it good fats? Has that anything to do with bodybuilder type diets which lack this type of thing or is it just something you all use out of it being easy to use. I’m...
  6. M

    Keto, carb cravings, and aspartame.....personal experience

    Greetings to all. This thread is about my experience with keto. I have done the keto diet in the past, with much less knowledge and had great success. ( 50lb loss ) I am currently into week 5 of keto, and going strong. ( 30lb loss so far ) I would like to speak of somethings that helped me get...
  7. K

    Intramuscular injection question

    When I inject, where exactly does the juice go? I mean, do the muscle fibers spread apart so that a pocket is created? Does it just flow slowly between the fibers as I inject? How long does it take before most/all of it is no longer at the injection site?
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